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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jun 3, 2013 11:52 PM Flag

    ADMD is being accumulated in a big way

    The bears on team ignore hate my posts. They hate them so much that they actually have me on their Yahoo alerts. They can not wait to reply. It is hillarious.

    So my thought now is that even if I was somehow wrong about ADMD you have to recognize that someone is buying a lot of this stock now. Someone who has quite an interest. Today we had big buying for some pretty good money. Last week the same thing. So someone who is actually not as smart as me is investing all this money? I think team ignore has it all wrong and that is why I am a buyer too. Team ignore does not read SEC filings either so they would never know that ADMD was linited in its isotope production due to their equipment being down. If that equipment is up and running then new and existing clients could be pushing isotope revenues up. It is important that ADMD stands for Advanced Medical ISOTOPE. That is their key business, Isotopes, and that is where they have been putting their efforts for these years as a microcap. It takes time to grow a business, this one just happens to be public, so we get to see all of the challenges involved in the business.

    No matter what the bears say on this board isotopes is the business and if ADMD is getting traction in their bread basket then revenues could grow really fast. Maybe there will be news on RadioGel but I would really like to se a doubling of those isotope sales. Someone with plenty of money is buying into ADMD and I do not think they are buying shares from long shareholders. Nothing is going to change that.

    With all of this in mind the bears here are the buy high and sell low crowd. Look up any of them with more than a couple month posting history on ADMD and you will see. You will see that all of them were buying shares much higher and were all excited about RadioGel. Then you will see posts about dumping those shares lower.


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    • Are you ever right stupid in seattle? Every time you open your mouth a turd falls out. ROTFLMAO.

    • You will also see that I told them RadioGel is not the short term solution to revenues and you will also see that I posted that the stock at $.20 was to high. You will see them get very angery at me for posting that. Then you will see the stock tanked and they lost a bunch of money. Then they sold out and then they told me I was wrong or "stupid". Maybe I am stupid to them but I also have my money and they don't. Strange how that worked out. They took it in the shorts.

      I am very happy with ADMD at this price and I look forward to it being much higher in share price in a year in my opinion.

      Read those SEC filings.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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