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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jun 5, 2013 11:17 PM Flag

    The bears and their lack of DD - radiogel. No wonder they lost so much money with ADMD at $.20.

    I was wondering if they would notice, I should have known they wouldn't, that in the recent 10Q filing for last quarter there is no mention of the radiogel application to the FDA. Never has been mention of it in SEC filings as far as I can tell (maybe I missed it :-) ). They already missed the fact that the isotope generator was down so isotope sales were down last quarter. ADMD has rights to radiogel but I do not see the filing with the FDA. I bet the Bears, Team Ignore, have not even looked this up with the FDA either. If so they could provide some enlightening information to me and others here on this MB. They won't though since they do not need to do DD on any of their investments. They do not know how to even start with DD.

    ADMD is an isotope company and that is where the revenue focus is. Stanley and the rest of team ignore might not want to hold their breath on Radiogel. I knew there would never be an approval anytime soon. I said that back when I told them the share price was to high in the twenty cent range when they were all giddy about radiogel, ADMD and buying stock (buy high sell low is their technique of investing). Only thing about FDA submittals seems to be in a press release. All just my opinion of course.

    I would be happy with some miraculous approval, like so many other longs with ADMD but.....

    They can hold their breath if they want to.

    I am on their alerts. Lets see how long it takes one of the idiots of team ignore to post to this!


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    • I bet the idiots on this message board known as Team Ignore think that an investment house starting coverage on ADMD is pumping. What a bunch of idiots if so. I suppose whenever an investment house starts coverage on any company on Wall Street it is a pump to them. Poor guys probably shouldn't be investing. Buy high sell low crowd is what they are and what they do. Just terrible.


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    • Poor idiots on team ignore were up all night or they are East Coasters who know nothing about West Coast Tech. No DD from them I am sure of that.


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    • Keep your mouth shut! Turds keep falling out!

      • 1 Reply to s.wilson2222
      • LOL. Good one s.wilson. They don't call him stupid in seattle for nothing. Its not like this company had one bad quarter of isotope production. It has NEVER in 7 years produced any significant amount of isotopes. They can't! They are broke and up too their eyeballs in debt. They don't now and never had the capitol required to produce isotopes on a large scale. There only real income is coming from sales of stock. It can't last much longer operating like this. Its a .6 cent soon to be .5 cent stock for a reason. They produce nothing but hype!. RadioGel is the last and only hope this company has. If and its a big if , they get FDA approval they can sub out the manufacturing to others and start earning some real revenue very quickly. It was expected to get approval mid year. This is not looking like a stock about to launch a valuable new medical device. This will see .2 cents very soon if positive news does not come out. Seattle is a moron.

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