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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jun 27, 2013 10:51 PM Flag

    Taking pause

    My position is in a good spot and earnings are coming up just around the corner. I am very happy with my position in ADMD. I am going to hold back capital through earnings reporting. I like to keep some powder dry into earnings in case there is a great buying opportunity right after earnings. I always like to do this. Buying around earnings reporting, especially before, can be quite risky.

    My expectations are that this quarter ending this weekend is for a tripling of earnings from that rough 4th quarter. I expect the equipment has been up and running through the whole quarter and now that ADMD has some good clients to supply in the tri-cities we should see some good improvement. I like ADMD long term since all of those fertle Myrtle BAby Boomers are getting to that age that cancer hits hard and strong. Treatments that include isotopes are going to explode over the next couple decades and ADMD is coming into the market at the perfect time.

    Also, there is a brilliant team of scientist working for ADMD. That is asolutely important in the deveopment stage. Lastly I like how much stock the insiders hold. That should be a big motivator to improve the company and their revenues!

    Good luck ADMD investors. Do that DD too. Most posting here do none of that and thus owned this stock in the $.20s. Sucks to be them!


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    • "Good luck ADMD investors. Do that DD too. Most posting here do none of that and thus owned this stock in the $.20s. Sucks to be them"

      Just a curiosity, what was different since then (.20) and now as far as DD is concerned? Or, has the company switched gear in research and development since then?

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      • Financials won't be out for months on this POS. It hasn't produced or sold much of anything in 7 years. What makes you think now is different? More hype never any facts. This crapola is a .5 cent stock for a reason. It produces nothing but BS.

      • The company has not switched any gears. All of the concerns today were there at that time. The stock was thus way to inflated. Folks here were buying on news of a product that may or may not work out years from now. I said all of this and was laughed and ridiculled here by these other "No DD" posters. Well I didn't take the loss that they did. Now with the stock down here, the same company, I say it is a good risk and that is why I have been buying while all those here who got financially hurt are making wild claims, accusations and rants about ADMD being a scam or going BK. Whatever, is what I say about them. They are on ignore and known as Team Ignore.

        Maybe a difference between now and then is that these jokers are actually reading the financials for the first time. They couldn't have been before or they would never had bought this stock above about $.14 a share.


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