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  • zippy_icon zippy_icon Jul 2, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    Very Frustrating

    When is the news on RadioGel coming? According to an SA article "While ADMD's core business lies in the manufacturing and distribution of medical isotopes, the company recently decided to enter the brachytherapy market with a novel device called "RadioGel". On February 5th of this year, ADMD announced that the company had submitted data to the FDA on RadioGel as the initial step in a pre-market review, and requested a collaborative meeting with the agency."

    This news has been old, when is/was this meeting? What is the most recent news on RadioGel, has anyone inquired?

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    • Zipperhead I am going to give you what is probably the best advice you will get on this message board.

      That advice is to do your own DD. You need to get a lot more creative in your research. Try calling the company and try more than once. Also, E-Mail the company. If that is not working for you then you should call Kaplan Assoc. since they are the apparent new PR firm for ADMD. You also need to go on the FDA site and dig around for what you can find there. I am not going to tell you what is there. When you find something let us know if you like. I have looked but maybe you will surprise me.

      I would personally not count on RedioGel but you can if it helps you with your investment in ADMD. Look at that 10Q and try to assess what warrantes and options and their expiration dates might mean to the share price. Recognze that being at or below $.06 for a bit is not always a bad thing.

      This stock is a microcap. It is easy to manipulate. It can also swing 200-1000% in one year. If you are getting frustrated with the thing then you are to heavily invested in it.


      Sentiment: Hold

    • " Its core business is manufacturing and distribution of medical isotopes" what a joke. It produces nothing! In 7 years it hasn't produced enough isotopes to pay the CEO's fat salary let alone all the debts he has racked up.
      RadioGel seems to be just another failed/empty promise from a company who produces nothing but hype. Latest article had radiogel expected in the 4th quarter of this year but I don't believe it and either does the market or this wouldn't be a 5 cent stock. THIS THING LOOKS LIKE A SCAM.

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      • The stock has a good history of bouncing every time it hits the 52 week low at least for the last 5-6 years. I can not say when the next bounce is coming, we are already at the all time low. But it should come not below 5 cents. The bounce should take this to 10 cents, this is pure from a chart perspective and please do not take this advice for investment.

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