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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jul 3, 2013 11:08 PM Flag

    Insiders buy again

    As I had said in an earlier post that important and positive information does not need to come from RadioGel or another partner. The guys hear that hate this stock keep missing stuff due to their lack of Due Dilligence. One good piece of news is that James K. just bought more stock on the 1st of July and in late June. He is building back up his position in the company with this accumulation. for those on the Struggle Bus (Team Ignore) Insiders who buy are a good indication that the company and/or stock is going to be better. Now team ignore missed this but I am not surprised. They missed it when I said the stock was over priced at $.20. Well, they saw the post and thought it better to ridicule me and tell me I was wrong. They were buying and I was taking profits. Now the same guys are calling for the stock to go to $.02 when I am saying buy. It is at or near its lows but they are the buy high and sell low crowd you know.

    It will be fun to be making fun of them at much higher share prices in the near future in my opinion. Anyone who is still posting for this stock to collapse to .02 really is showing their ignorance to all of us. They sure are fun for me to laugh at though. Looks like someone took 70K shares on the uptick. That is just fine with me. Buy before earnings.

    To those who do their homework the future is bright. To those who do not; good luck buying high and selling low.


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    • Going up into earnings. I am not surprised at all with this action in the stock. ADMD is an excellent buying opportunity as they are really just getting started. An expanding isotope business is all that I am hoping for. There is a huge client base out there and I believe that if ADMD can demonstrate itself as a reliable source for the isotope products then it has a very long ways to go beyond being just a profitable business. They could expand into other products, services or become a target for takeover by so many of the businesses out there in the cancer treatment market seaking easy revenue growth. One thing I think is going to improve significantly in the earnings report is revenues. Obviously these are long term views in my opinion but that is how you have to view a company that is a microcap like ADMD.

      I do not think that RadioGel will be what moves this stock any time soon. Isotopes will in my opinion.

      What will the uninformed types on "Team Ignore" come up with next as a failing. I am pretty sure they are wrong on their share pricing estimates. ($.02 a share) what a laugh. These guys are here for a laugh though. You know they bought High and sold Low! One up day isn't the thing here at all. So what, it is up. What matters is a strong insider group of share holders, expanding their stock ownership and the company's potential and their commitment to meet that potential.


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    • So you are telling me you started a position 4 years ago, it's only gone down, and you are taking profits? LMAO. You also said it was going to hold at .17, and I said I didn't think so, and you are taking profits? LMAO.

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    • Is this the same CEO that bought at .16 cents and you called a moron?

    • You are 10lbs of #$%$ in a 5lb bag. How much are you losing on this junk.?

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