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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Aug 1, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    Earnings should be better

    The company is not selling enough stock for a bad report coming. If things were going to be really bad they would be selling a lot more stock at these prices and the share price would be falling. They are holding back in my opinion knowing that their report is going to be better and share price will be rising.

    Just bought another 13K of share just minutes ago at $.05. Little bites at a time. Buy low and sell high or hold for the buyout in my opinion!


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    • moto1960 Aug 10, 2013 5:25 PM Flag

      Yes, if all goes as scheduled, 10Q should be out soon. And though I'm not expecting great numbers, I hope things look better than they did last quarter. At the least, I hope revenue is flat. I expect expenses to be up because of the process of putting together the alliances and hiring of legal personnel. Hopefully, James K. can give us some type of positive update that the shareholders, and potential shareholders, can sink their teeth into.
      Remember, this is a speculative play and not an equity that you can buy, trade, and make a profit on in one week. There's not a lot of liquidity here and with the wide spread, and relatively low float, you won't get filled on a limit order for large lots unless you use a GTC order which could take days. I only got partial fills last week. I have a feeling that we are on the radar if a lot of investors, but at $.05 and not a lot of revenue, some are skeptical. Even Seeking Alpha has abandoned us. I think though, that patience will pay off in the long run. MDLAND~

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      • Moto, I am very confident that earnings will be better. If you read reports you will see in their last report they let us know that their equipment needed to be serviced so their isotope production was just not there. With equipment fixed there should be good improvement. I have not put guesses together on any legal type expenses associated with partnerships. I guess if there were such expenses it would actually be a positive as we would then know that there is more in the pipeline to create revenues. I wouldn't look at it negatively.

        I do use GTC orders because I know how much money I want to put towards the stock and the price I want to buy at. If the volume is low and shares are on a tight leash then all the better. Good news will just make the stock price go higher. I like that shareholders are holding tight and buying low. That is just how it should be done. Not the way Team Ignore has played it this last year or so.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Another boat load of crapola from stupid in seattle posting under his many ID's. The only thing thats up in this scam is the CEO's pay check.

    • I just bought 60K shares too the last two days @ .05, so my average is now .06! Sweet!!! Yeah I agree, this thing is ready to move forward, they are just putting all the dots and queues in, making sure agreements and contracts are in place before executing their distribution plans. Like James K. said, they just putting the GSG agreements in place ironing out differences before they start distributing Iso kits to market. MO99 production on the way and Radiogel approval before Dec could make this one jump like a "Cricket" in my opinion. LOL. Go Cricket!!

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