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  • moto1960 Aug 7, 2013 11:10 PM Flag

    GEEZ LOIUSE! Over half the posters on this thread I have on IGGY! (or #$%$.S. would say, Team Ignore)

    Are you guys the same, single, disgruntled poster, with multiple IDs? Or are you a brood of wanna-be investors that don't know how to use fundamental analysis, along with the necessary due diligence when buying micro cap stocks? I reiterate, '' buy low, sell high", not the other way around. If you buy now, maybe you can get your cost average down to $.25, then you won't be so grumpy. Some of it may be my fault for getting in at an opportune time, and I feel fortunate, but now I've got 3 qtrs. of a page of message board blurred out. You guys seem to make up aliases faster than I can put you on Iggy. MDLAND~

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    • My man Moto I have had the line on Team Ignore for a while now. In fact clear back when the stock was +$.20. The stock went balistic around a year ago before RadioGel was announced and I was holding shares. There were maybe three of us posters here. Then all of a sudden these now disgruntled posters showed up pumping about how this stock was going to "explode" higher on RadioGel. Well I said sell around $.20 because I thought the stock was way to rich. I also said that RadioGel could take years to relevant distribution and would be expensive to do so. They did not like that and I became hated but I did sell on $.20 to take some good profits. They did not. Since, I have reestablished a core position as I have posted most of my buys. I am still sitting at average $.085 but I have no worries.

      I do think that Team Ignore is probably only a couple posters with a multiple alias or two. The aliases are just wierd, make no sense and do not appear to be thought out. They are not names like ours.

      I do not think that they will go away so Ignore is the best treatment for them. They will post nonsense and you and I can post what we think of earnings and any news releases. It will be fun to see how the quarter is when ADMD reports. It should be coming out soon. Until then $.05 - $.07 or so.

      I agree with you that this is a good spec play to hold long but you have to patiently acquire shares at low prices and not get to heavy as a percent of portfolio. Don't fight the underwater sellers and if the company needs to raise some funds. Just spot lows. Buy low, sell high....not the opposite like Team Ignore did. Those knuckleheads were pumping over twenty cents a share!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • LOL. You are Stupid in seattle posting under yet another ID. Get lost loser, your a fool.

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