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  • moto1960 Aug 16, 2013 7:04 PM Flag

    Looks like Mr. Cadwell and Mr. Katzaroff

    are still accumulating. 20,200 and 10,000 respectively, as per recent filings. I hope this portends good news next week. MDLAND~

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    • moto1960 Aug 16, 2013 7:25 PM Flag

      To all of the nay-sayers, dooms-dayers and inexperienced investors out there. . . When insiders and directors spend their own money a couple days before the conference call and update, that means that they have confidence in their product and/or services. A good place for beginning investors is, Yahoo Finance, Investing 101. Click on the link that says ' Education'. Or, you can just watch and learn. MDLAND~

    • Cadwell's were granted to him as a loan origination fee. He put in $50,000 of his money as a loan to the company. That is bigger money than the shares he was granted! Katz were an aquisition.

      I continue to believe that I heard Jim state that there was positive developments on the isotope front that he would address on this conference call coming Tuesday. Now they are also working a deal with Cedars in LA and possibly expanded up to the Northwest. Positive news on that would be great although I believe they thought that was a September thing.

      As far as naysayers go I do not even know why they are here. They are not going to save us from ourselves. I believe in my DD and my speculation of what this company is worth to the medical industry and humanity. I just figure that it is all their attempt to get attention which they must lack in their personal lives. After all they are on Team Ignore, maybe they are ignored elsewhere too. It wouldn't surprise me. There were good investors with the same confidence in ADMD as we have on the conference call earlier this week. Maybe they will post here at some point.

      I want to here from them. The long term ADMD investors, the investors who might even know Cadwell or Katz, investors who know more about this company than even the 10q can tell us.

      In short someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. One thing I know is that my Team Ignore list wasn't doing DD when they made the team. Maybe they are now, but with them on ignore in makes no difference.

      Keep looking for all the info you can find Motto. You noticed those Form 4s today before I did. Nice job!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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