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  • moto1960 Aug 26, 2013 2:26 PM Flag

    Has anyone listened to to interview yet?

    Looks like Dr. Katzaroff is on small cap voice giving an update on the company.

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    • moto1960 Aug 27, 2013 12:13 AM Flag

      Yeah, the site still has issues. I tried a couple minutes ago and got to smallcap's site, but all I saw were old ADMD interviews. I'll try again later or tomorrow. MDLAND~

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      • moto1960 Aug 27, 2013 1:54 AM Flag

        Hopefully when we do get a chance to hear the smallcapvoice interview, you guys that were able to hear the conference call, can tell us how the two compare, as far as information and substance. Something like the smallcapvoice interview is what AMIC needs, to get the word out on what's going on with the company. This way, existing and future investors will be able to listen to the interview at their leisure.
        Let's say for example, someone stumbled upon AMIC today, If you think about it, potential investors have no access to recent updates and/or conf. calls. Not good from an investor relations viewpoint. Actually, some of the griefs I expressed in my recent posts, were, in a round-about way, directed to AMIC. I know that they are busy, but sometimes they have to remember to step out of the box and think like a lone investor. Do you think they look at the Yahoo message board? I'll let you ponder that thought. MDLAND~

    • moto1960 Aug 26, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

      Looks like we'll have to wait for the proper link for the ADMD interview. MDLAND~

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      • Moto, I stand corrected. I opened it and then got booted out. Apparently the site has a problem not ADMD. I have no worries though, they are running revenues and that is all I am caring about. Sorry for the misfire on the interview. At least I was spot on about team ignore. They are entertaining though and I am always up for a good laugh at someone elses expense.


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      • Moto the link works fine. Click on it and then click the search button when the page opens up. You will then see the link to the interview allong with others on the site. Team ignore could never figure it out. They can't figure out anything that has to do with Due Dilligence. We know most all of the interview as it was covered in the conference call when earnings were released. Things look good and some good revenues for this quarter. These will build and grow!


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    • He's not a Doctor of anything but #$%$ ups, moron. As usual the link is worthless and doesn't work just like isoturd.

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