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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Sep 17, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    ADMD is growing revenues

    They are in the midst of recording a quarter with record isotope sales. Jim stated that twice now. If he could say that in the last "CC" then how great will they be as they still had significant time to add to those volumes before the next quarter earnings are released.

    Also, Cedars business and growth with international partners. Should be something investable at these share prices. It looks like the insiders have acquired more shares so they must think that it is worth buying off of those speculations. In fact they added at higher share prices recently.


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    • I liked what Jimbo said too bout revs going up. Cant wait next report.

    • moto1960 Sep 17, 2013 8:49 PM Flag

      S.S. , I too have a positive outlook on the next quarterly report. AMIC has a lot of irons in the fire and every chance I get, I'm picking up a few shares. Quarterly should be out early, to mid-Noverber, if all holds true. Of course the quarter ends before that and I'm sure we'll see some insider buying as well as private investors buying in the open market. Good news always seems to get out early. I sure some are confused by the 'flat' share price, but remember the filing, AMIC is putting shares back into the market to finance it's operations. The key is, someone is buying. Possibly Mr. Kaplan has found us one or two private investors, or maybe it's just plain old open market buying. We don't have an extreme amount of shares outstanding, so a few more shares wont kill us. I think that by early next year,at the latest, we should be in the mid-teens. Especially if RadiiGel proves positive. MDLAND~

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      • I listened again to the interview that is posted in the News area. I liked that Jim reiterated the record revenues in the interview. It was exactly as he had stated on the quarterly conference call. I was off by just one quarter on my revenue call. I think that my number was low on revenues though. I am guessing on if the record revs is referencing isotope sales record or a total revenue record with consulting fees included. None the less I put another $700 out there for more shares. I have been buying sporadically in that sort of quantity now for some months. Each time of course I get a bit more. I like buying down the stock. I do not like chasing riser. I liked the fact that Jim in the interview, and the CC, was very specific that he was not pleased at all with the share price and gave a couple clear examples of what could be going on to get us here as the stock is concerned. Also, he has been buying stock as the multiple form 4 show. Buying rather consistently and regularly. I do not think that he is giving us BS on the fact that the stock is undervalued. Heck, look at the money that Caldwell is putting out there. It is hundreds of thousands of dollars. He will only see his money again with ADMD hitting a home run and yet he keeps doing it. Our financial speculating is nothing close to his.

        Jim has a busy travel schedule per the interview and CC; both in the states and abroad. That has been repeated and reinforced several times. They know ADMD can work. I am not even sure you can legally say you have record earnings and then not follow through with exactly that when they report the quarter.

        I will keep buying on these points. I get a kick out of the buy high sell low crowd that I am getting these shares from. I love it. I am buying for the longer term so 5-10 years from now I expect to be very pleased with my delayed gatification investing in ADMD.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The "Cedars" deal and the other "partner" deals have been around for many months going on years and have yet to produce anything of value. TALK IS CHEAP. They have been doing it for 8 years. YOU SAID LAST QUARTERS REVENUE WOULD BE OVER $180,000!!!!! Your predictions all suck. Do they give you free shares to pump this stuff?

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