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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Oct 5, 2013 10:34 PM Flag

    ADMD is a top performer last week!

    In my holdings ADMD was a better performer last week with nearly a 10% improvement on the week from Monday opening. I was really pleased to get a bundle of shares at $.036 and a bit lower. The volume was some of the best ever for the company. There was good money coming in for the company's stock and with record revenues coming for this quarter it should continue to rise. Also, we must not forget the FDA review of RG. We have to wait 90 days or so for an update on that front? Well I will hold my shares for the news and earnings report. Maybe that Cedars deal is getting hot as Jim said it would. That is enough to drive the stock higher. There are just a lot of good things going on at ADMD. I will continue to accumulate it for sure.

    I just need some of the buy high sell low crowd to give up their shares. The stock/company does not need them, with their lack of DD, anywhere near it. Poor emotional folks, like a bunch of 8th grade chearleaders, can't get their way and then scream and cry about it. This company is not a scam. They have investors and new investors more than happy to accumulate shares. I am looking forward to the next few years watching ADMD grow into its nitch. Being awarded in Seattle Business magazine and having the credibility to work in this highly regulated industry is creates a very comfortable investment for me.

    Maybe we will even get a reactor shut down, some more DOE grants or new partners. These are all out there and great opportunities. Looking forward to next week. I think there is good news on the horizon.


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    • SS, don't listen to those IGGYS, who cry daily, cause they bought this at . 29 , my average now is @ . 05 so I have very little cause to get worried, more upside here than risk. Mgmt is making lots of move never seen in the past that points to a better future. Again, sorry for those who bought this high, I can see the frustration. Hard lessons in life are never cheap!

    • SS I hope you're right. I've followed ADMD down an agonizing penny at a time. I'm long past ready to see some "green" days (like Friday) for a change. The increased volume is certainly encouraging.

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      • Taxman and Moto, I have all the confidence in the world on this thing. Look there are two ways to take these quarterlies from ADMD and Jimmie K. They can either give you the numbers or they can give the numbers and tell us what they are working on. I will take the latter. Jim and team are working their cans off and they tell us about it. They do not have to do that but they do. They are hitting it from several different angles. Done correctly then the diversification is a positive. It also can create a snowball affect. More than one thing can work and it can happen simultaniously.

        This team and company has been recognized by local business magazines, the state of Washington government and the DOE. That is recognition from local to federal. They are doing things correctly in an industry that does not zoom but has plenty of growth potential. There is a big need in medicine for isotopes and inovation. The US has the best medical complex in the world, it is state of the art and that requires innovation to stay on top. ADMD is an innovater.

        Like you I have watched it every penny to, since I called sell at $.20. Now I am accumulating as the stock price falls. That is exactly what you do when confident about a new company. Cost average is $.056 and I have enough shares to make this investment extremely interesting when ADMD gets its mojo. I do not "Hope" there is news or "hope" there will be a breakthrough. I "KNOW" there will be news and breakthrough so I am increasing my position when gifts present themselves. Last week I had a low ball GTC order in and sure enough it filled completely and I am stoked!

        Team ignore is a guy or two with 5 aliases each. The board should really be quiet but these two idiots are pushing relevant ADMD stock chat down on the board. That is OK, I just hope their week hands giveup their shares to us. Moto, big blocks are excelent and when they are coming without diving the share price it is VERY positive IMO.


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    • moto1960 Oct 6, 2013 2:45 AM Flag

      Yeah SS, like you said, probably just one or two disgruntled dweebs with several 'disguises'. They probably have nothing else to do but gripe on msg. boards as they take the commuter train to work. I'll check my funds next week, I may be able to pick up a share or two. Volume was interesting this past week, what I'm curious to see are the 'buy blocks'. AMIC's issue in the past has been funding. If 100K blocks, and more, are going through during trading, that's a good show of confidence and funding. I'm sure that the folks that Overton and Kaplan talk to, are a little more informed than us small-time peons, as to the goings-on of AMIC. MDLAND~

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