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  • taxman1011 taxman1011 Nov 3, 2013 10:45 PM Flag

    When is a PR just BS???

    Is the PR concerning 510(K) just more of the same, or does it have substance.

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    • Price target predictions if RadioGel is approved by the FDA?

    • The people who have called this company a sham are wrong. It is a small start up that has been trying to get started for years. National laboratories and state governments do not work with companies that are not well vetted. It looks like if the FDA deems radio substantially equivalent they can then begin selling it. Hopefully they are doing this because they have the money and plan for marketing and selling it shortly after any such approval.
      I am optimistic for relatively quick approval from the FDA without too many requests for additional information from the FDA because they have pulled in people familiar with the process. Not to mention a major insider, Cadwell, has been running a successful (i.e. profitable) medical equipment and software company in the same town as AMIC for decades (Cadwell Laboratories). So hopefully they submitted complete and accurate information, but odds are there will be at least one request for more information because I think government agencies always want industry to jump through at least one hoop. I'm betting March is the earliest we can hope for actual revenues from this. But it could be longer because I have never seen any information on how long it takes to manufacture this 'device'.

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      • That is funny that you mention the Caldwell history. Knowing the "small town" well and Mr. Caldwell's history I have pointed out several times here how important his financial support has been. Yet so many here have discredited it and call the company and its insiders a scam. It goes to show how few out there do DD. Anyways, great post and maybe now that the cat is out of the bag about Caldwell maybe TI will stop their posts of ignorance and start accumulating to lower their $.20 cost basis. :-)

        Thanks Kayak!


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      • I concur with you. This is just the start of a major turnaround. We may be hearing soon from Jim, Q3 earnings is just around the corner, business meetings / trips, financing and many more.

    • That PR is real deal and is a positive. TI will say different but they are usually wrong as well as defficient in DD.


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      • moto1960 Nov 3, 2013 11:40 PM Flag

        No, that's not a fluff P.R. by any means. It seemed to be very presumptuous, in that the word "when" was used a lot, as opposed to "if". I will admit, I like the optimism in the P.R., although Sunday releases are rare. "WHEN" RadioGel is approved by the all powerful and highly respected FDA, we will see a nice price spike along with articles by Seeking Alpha, medical publications and of course, AMIC. Oh well, so much for me getting blocks of shares under $.05. MDLAND~

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