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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Nov 5, 2013 1:57 AM Flag

    Yesterday's PR was great, don't get me wrong but....

    The PR is great news but I see it as a good news topic because it demonstrates that the company is following through on their plans that they have shared with us. That is integrity. It builds confidence in we investors who have been doing the homework and building personal cases for which allows us to invest in this company.

    THE BUT:

    I do not like it when news such as this comes out, news we expected, and the share price goes ballistic to $.059 on 660K shares traded. Was that all current investors buying up more shares? Heck no it was not, not in my opinion. I think this stock which should have risen maybe 10% at a peak rose way to high. Now once again we have say 500K shares purchased too high in price. Completely illogical share buying in my opinion. It is reminiscent of when the stock went from .14-.29 in almost a blink of an eye in investor terms.

    I know it happens all the time but that is exactly what makes enemies of stocks and garbage posting by disgruntled investors who simply can not do their homework. Look what we have here now. A couple posters with multiple IDs who got trapped in a momentum trade after hearing about this ADMD stock that keeps rising. They did no homework and ended up buying shares that I/we were selling and posting so here.

    Hey, I am happy that things are on the up and up a tiny bit at ADMD. I just do not need anymore ignorant posters that have to be sequestered to the Team Ignore list. I hope that is not the case here but if this stock rips to .10 a share in the next month you can bet that is exactly what will happen. I am not calling a top at all. I am just puting it out there on a micro cap investing level.

    Buy low and sell high. Let's see this stock rise at 3.5%-4% a month for the next dozen months and let the company keep up with a rational share price. If you see different, or new whack jobs, posting from the tops of the hills that the stock is going to $.50 a share then prepare to lighten up.


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    • Cry babies wi ll be cry n abies, as losrrs abound. Lucky ole me averaging on .06 reduces my volitility here greatly.

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      • Yup you are right about that and I gotta accept it. Good average there at .06! Mine is higher at .065. I do not really think we will be talking about that in the months to come. Hopefully we will say, "Remember when the stock was actually below $.06?" as it sits much higher 10 years from now. The stock is rising and ADMD is making the right moves to develop their ideas.

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    • moto1960 Nov 5, 2013 4:15 AM Flag

      SS, I think that when a stock price is perceived to be at pretty much it's bottom as far as support, all bets are off when it comes to logic and technical applications. Especially when it comes to a micro-cap at $.04, owned by approximately 200 investors and several insiders. The term "MM" is often used when talking about buying and selling, but in actuality, multi- millions of transaction per day, including buying and selling of AMIC are controlled by super computers. These computers use sophisticated algorithms to process multiple factors in split second timing to determine price, spread, bid, ask etc. Super computers don't read the news, they just see several buyers at the ask, adjust the spread accordingly, and "make a market". As I alluded to before, AMIC could be selling shares to the open market later in the trading day for cash, to run their operations. That can bring the price back down. It's true in that it still boils down to supply and demand, but with approx. 110mil. shares O/S, and a float of about 70%, you have to expect some volatility and wild price swings, 'percentage-wise', at $.04 a share.
      Honestly, SS, this works out great for me in that I'll be buying more at these low prices Friday. MDLAND~

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      • I get that and apreciate you puting some time to describe in detail. I am buying, and have the order in now, but not paying these prices. Nothing has changed since last Friday as far as I care. They simply stamped the envelop and mailed 510K to FDA. I am happy the stock is in bounce mode but with that here come the cry babies with Team Ignore. It is great when the discussion is about the stock, its merits and or failings, as in the case I am mentioning.

        Hey it will close higher today and for some days to come even if the company is moving thousands of shares to fund their business. I do not think they will do that much until the stock price is much higher and the volume is better.


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    • You must be joking! You have been buying this and pumping it since it was at .15 cents. You are the king of buy high sell low morons on this board.

    • Its no wonder why they call you stupid in Seattle. You wouldn't know what DD was if it flew up your A -Hole.

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