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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Nov 12, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    Break out time

    Moto and Zippy the stock is consolidating nicely on the $.06 but I have a feeling that it is going to break out from this zone and work to .076.

    Last night I was doing some simple homework on the share price to issued shares since ADMD has been providing SEC filings on their financials. The highs in the stock as compared to the issued shares in the past translate to $.17 share price at today's issued amount of shares. I think this is what Jim eluded to in regards to the share price being far lower then they expect/thought it should be. The $.17 a share is the high side as extrapulated from previous highs in the stock and does not take into account any revenue for the company.

    With record earnings on the way and hopefully ecouraging growth in the quarter we are in, if Jim shares some guidance, and this stock should trade safely at $.15 or so. Now we need an update on how many shares are trading at this stage to dial in the new number. That question might be the only reason we are not trading higher right now.


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    • You are dumber than a bag of dirt.

    • Time to get to .17 a share. Earnings up and expenses down.


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    • we are slowly building new support levels, 6's should fall and 7's will be new up soon

      stair climbing, one at a time

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      • We are knocking on seven's door. It kinda got there a bit quicker than I had expected but there was strong volume so that is quite positive. I picked up more right at .06 as some homework I did suggested to me that the stock could find .17 before the stock gets challenged with a hefty pullback. It was not long ago that we witnessed a huge run from .08 to .28. It moved up through .25 on two runs. I used that as a calculation basis along with the fact we had something like 80 million shares out there and no significant earnings at all. There was no material reason to be up that high and that was why I took all but a small placeholder off the table as posted at the time.

        Now we are looking at record earnings in the previous quarter, god knows what is happening this quarter, and a significant milestone for RadioGel. The stock could run to that .17 but the strength of that share price will be totally dependent on these earnings until word comes back from the FDA. It could do it a bit of running here until those earnings come out. There is a lot more volume this time around. Far more volume on a percent of trading shares than last time. It should take quite a shortfall to get the stock to fall a lot.

        A bunch of posters here are calling this stock a scam as late as 2 weeks ago, early November, but after watching the companies moves as well as the stock I just do not see it. TI might change their story a bit but the best way to get a line on this stock is lots of homework, an understanding of the history of the company, all SEC filings, its insiders and a little respect for the charts.

        A huge move is totally acceptable as history tells us that the price of the stock before significant revenues was much higher, even with more shares trading today. It is still a strong buy even if the stock pulls back a bit for a while. The longer term outlook should not change, unless the FDA blows it up, and it looks pretty good right now.


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      • I would much rather see this move up slowly based on news rather than a 3 or 4 cent jump all at once. It can crash if expectations are delayed or not met in a few hours. Slow and steady wins the race. Forget this breakout garbage.

    • moto1960 Nov 12, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

      Yes SS, it seems as though there is a solid base at $.06, probably closer to $.07. Even at $.07, once good news hits, share price should have a nice pop. The Q3 ended for not only AMIC, but for everyone, and MMs are hoarding shares in anticipation of good news. Depending on the type of news we get in the 10Q, these prices may soon be a thing of the past. There is way more green in the ADMD chart than red, i think the share price is artificially low. MDLAND~

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