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  • moto1960 Dec 27, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    This is the time of the year were the non-believers jump ship.

    Most who are thinking about getting out, usually get out in late December for tax reasons. As of this post, there are only 2 trading days left. Some will wait until the last minute to sell, and also buy, looking for the best deal.
    I expect new developments and new investors to start filing in, beginning in January. I haven't sold a single share and don't plan on selling anytime soon, as I still believe that at $.06, we are on the ground floor of a very tall building. Though the term "3 year plan" may have scared a few potential investors off, personally, I am willing to wait as I feel there is a lot of potential here. I feel that, you can roll the dice now and buy at $.06, or you can wait until we hear back from the FDA and buy after the pop at, perhaps, $.15. It's been quiet around here, even Team Ignore has given us a break. JMHO MDLAND~

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    • Moto, I agree with you on most points. I am not sure there will be that much tax loss selling. I do not think that there are that many investors in this stock anymore at significantly higher prices. Those that have been in a while, and at higher prices, are into this stock for the same reasons as you and I. If they have been accuulating on the way down as I have then the overall position price per share should not be way out of wack with the shareprice today. Te share price has settled back to a range that is stable and it is certainly a better than when the stock was just selling down for what seemed like forever. It is one of those stocks, in my opinion, that requires a lot of patience. Those are great stocks to have. They rise unrealisticaly but then settle where they should be and higher than the previous base that was established. $.06, $.068, $.072 and so on over many quarters. While it is fun to go straight to $.10 I do really like a stock that just goes up little by little in a realistic tagectory. I guess I am not into "trading" like some out there.


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    • moto1960 Dec 27, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

      I guess I spoke too soon about Team Ignore, I got a hidden post from mary mops . I guess it's 'my bad' for stirring the pot. I was hoping that all of the members of Team Ignore were busy playing Scrooge somewhere. Those guys are like a bad rash that never seems to go away. MDLAND~

    • Too bad the idiots like you at Team Moron can't give us a break.

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