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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jan 24, 2014 10:15 PM Flag

    Moto Long what the heck!

    Who is selling into this? The company? You have this much volume for a week + and the stock can't break through $.10 - $.12 and hold it? Unbelievable.

    Hey, what does the liscensing agreement look like between Batelle and ADMD? I gotto look back in 10Q years back? I would say something smells bad here but I am also not selling because it might just be the fine cheese that they are serving up. Talk about a #$%$ to project revenues 5 years out with a blanket A-OK from FDA. Right now that is impossible and we call ourselves good ADMD investors. For all the DD I still can't price this thing on a guess.

    Those roadshows did not draw enough buyers I guess or someone has a heck of a lot of shares to dump. One company that I was in called Life Cell that got bought out actually had a scenario where it was thought that a group of investors with a huge position were selling into investor interest (and shorting) to hold the price down for a buyout that did actually happen. Not the case here I bet but it was a strange looking scenario at the time it all went down.

    The MM can let the price go now! Let the thing run and do not sell unless you need your money for little Billie's braces or something. :-)


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    • moto1960 Jan 25, 2014 2:15 PM Flag

      SS, most likely it's AMIC selling into the volume. They have 109 mil. shares outstanding, but 150 mil. authorized. After the Nobel Financial Conference and James' presentation, volume seemed to pick up. It's also getting close to the "90" day mark. And though it could be 90 days or 190 days, folks don't want to be on the sidelines if the FDA make a positive ruling regarding RadioGel. It's no secret that they need financing and that may be why the shares appear to be trading flat. When you read the research report that came out last week, it's pretty clear that they need a couple million to get 'comfortable' for the foreseeable future.
      I'm hoping that if the FDA ruling is positive, it will open grant and private placement doors for AMIC. MDLAND~

    • SS, I didn't see too many sellers today, just a bunch of small buys and trading very tightly with sell and asking price going neck to neck. The MM is squeezing every penny from each transactions it can get. Don't worry though, we are near the wire sort of speak and next week we should see some spikes as the big spenders will be dying to get in on the action. For some reason the smell of money drives people nuts! It will be just like last week with ISR, just trading all day along. Once approval news hits the market, I expect a runup to .15 and trading back and forth all day up to the .20's with an end price of .24- .25 and continuing the next day. My average is @ .07 so I am ready and licking my chops as of this week. LOL.

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      • Long, I do not see too many sellers today! Green, Green, Green. I think that some of these posters feel left out of the cheep stock. They were. It seems like they are trying to talk it down right here instead of just buying. I save the "stock is expensive" talk when it hits $.70+ in a few months.


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      • Long I was kinda leaning towards the ideas that the company could be raising some capital with this brief opportunity of higher share price and volume. I am a bit pessimistic at last in the thought that FDA will offer positive opinion but alsobwith the recommendation for a controlled study in humans required for a full "green light" on US distribution. While ADMD would not go it alone on this they will certainly want to come in with money so as not to have to take on any poor deals to raise capital like they have had to do on occasion in the past.

        Sure can not find anything on any of the agreement terms between ADMD and Batelle to work that end. If they got a full go from FDA I am figuring on an immediate $.20+ share price. This would reflect $40 mil profit on $80 mil revs in 5 years or so. Very conservative no? Horrible guessing game. We are sitting same on CB. Have some room if we gotta wait on studies or something from ADMD. FDA recommendation would have to be real terrible to push me off this stock. Any direction towards approval will be viewed positive.


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