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  • thourough1234 thourough1234 Jan 26, 2014 1:12 PM Flag

    I Have Been Looking At This Company Heavily Past Week.....

    I Don't Know How They Can Approve It..??....Seems Dangerous In Ways..To Risky...Not Enough Proof...For Humans...Not To Mention The Decay Factior...etc....Just A Inocent Bystander Looking For Reason To Approve Product...I Don't See How Can.. Anyone Elaborate..??..Okay Shorter Half Life Than Cesium...But There Is A Fine Print With That In My DD...And Definately Not Enough Time To Kill Off...Left Over....Hmmm In My Opinion I Can't See Them Approving....Cesium Seems To Be Choice...This Product Appears To Me To Be Dangerous...Maybe With Some Refinement..??

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    • Not only does Y-90 have a shorter half life than Cesium 131 but more widely accepted and safer for those who administer it with less toxicity hence (beta emitter). Safer, proven, widely accepted and lower cost not to mention very effective. How can you not like it?

    • WOW......go back.... to.... English.... 101.... learn... to ... write .... sentences...
      I got a headache trying to read your post.

    • The fact that the FDA did not ask for more additional test to be done regarding Radiogel prior to the NDA FILING tells me it is a safe water base polymer delivery system for the well proven Y-90 isotope. Y90 is already a proven isotope for medical use unlike Cesium 131, ISR spent the last 3 years trying to convince the medical community it's claim to fame whereas Y-90 will not need it, hence ADMD will not take long for to go positive if approve.

    • moto1960 Jan 26, 2014 3:05 PM Flag

      Thorough, ( aka thourough1234), I agree that it hasn't been proven yet, and that AMIC's product RadioGel needs FDA clearance before it can be considered 'standard'. But, that is part of the risk when investing in micro-caps. If RadioGel was proven and already in use, ADMD wouldn't be available for $.09 a share. We are laypeople, we aren't nuclear physicists. Actually, maybe some of you out there are, but I'm not. After doing my DD, I was willing to pay less than a dime a share for what I considered a minimal downside risk as compared to a possible significant upside. If you want a proven standard, if you want a stock with little risk, then you'll have to pay a lot more than a dime a share. The greater the risk, the cheaper the price per share. As for myself, I'm willing to take that risk knowing that there could be several steps before RadioGel is approved, if at all. MDLAND~

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      • What About The Tons Of Shares They Are Going To Have To Unleash To Get Money....I Know Got Authorized 150 Million...But I'm Thinking In The 400 Million To 500 Million Shares...They Need Money...Alot Of It.....Somebody Spoke A Dollar On Approval...That Is A No Way....Plus They Are Going To Have To Dilute...Big Time.....At This Point I Am More Of A Cesium Fan By Far...I Believe A Big Edge...And Better Tested.....Not That There Isn't Hope Here....Just Seems The Comfort Level Will Be Way Higher With Cesium....The Reasons I Have Stated Take The Fear Into This Alot...Could Be Successfull One Day...But Not In Next 5-10 Years In My Opinion....And With Some Refinement....

    • Google "Y-90 liver cancer-busting treatment: Safe, fast, extends life, study finds".
      Note the 2011 article indicates "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently changed its guidelines in order to create a specific pathway for interventional radiologists to become authorized users."
      I expect that the device the article referenced is included as an equivalent device in its 510(k) submission.

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      • Decent Find...Not Enough For Me To Be Excited...You Seem Knowledgeable....In Your opinion Just Looking For An Opinion...If Approved....Dominates Market....Obsoletes Cesium...Or Will There Be Uses For Both..Or A Preference Thing..??...Would Like Your Opinion...Cesium Does Impress Me...Findings And All...To Me Better Tested.....I Believe Cesium Will Get To Market First...By Far...Do You See Some Doctors Using Y90...And Some Using Cesium....Preference..??...All Of This In The Future....

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