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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jan 29, 2014 9:11 PM Flag

    Must be good at ADMD

    Because the share are trading consistently on better volume. Support seems to have moved to $.08 in the short term. Also there are a lot more posters here. Most of them are negative but that is good for some laughs always. Some posters are really funny and I like that. More interest is good interest. It always seems like stocks rise when poster participation increases. Probably all a coincidence of course. I remember when the stock was falling from $.20 the only posters were me and a couple others who watched the stock closely and those from Team Ignore who lost a bunch of money after buying in the high teens and twenties. You can look them up. Back then it was just a few on Team Ignore. That few created more aliases so now there is still just a few bodies on Team Ignore but those three have like 12 aliases.

    There are actually enough new posters here that Team Ignore is getting drowned out. After all no one really replies to them you know. Funny stuff. Good stuff!


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    • ADMD long here fellas just hopped aboard 2 weeks ago

    • moto1960 Jan 29, 2014 11:33 PM Flag

      SS, things are good here at ADMD. I remember when I was looking for companies to invest in and made my 1st purchase on July 23rd of last year. You were here as our leader, along with longgj, zippy icon and a few others. Oh, and a few dweebs from Team Ignore. I was the newbie back then, buying every share I could get my hands on. Activity has really picked up since then. The big attraction for me back then was the one, two punch that AMIC had to offer. RadioGel was what convinced me though. At $.05 a share, the risk to reward ratio was good. We're now at twice the price per share and thing are looking up in 2014. A lot more daily volume and a lot more interest in AMIC. MDLAND~

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      • Yeah, I remember that. You jumped in with both feet in my opinion. You were taking down 100K junks. You jumped over my position size. That was funny. We were buying down the stock back then and catching #$%$ here from Team Ignore for doing it. We had the DD to fall back on and sure enough some of the lots we bought then are now 2.5x the price. Anyways, we were right then, I hope we are still correct. It is up to the FDA this year and then we will be looking at a new plan from ADMD. The plan as to when they will be profitable. Pretty exciting in my opinion.

        I still have all my shares, do you? My GTC order to cover my personal money that I have placed in this stock is set for a dollar. The rest will be held as long as I can handle it. Long wait ahead for me but that is cool. I can wait it out 6-12 months. It is not often that you can have this kind of investment return over a year or two.

        We were right.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • True true, ADMD is building momentum and support every day. FDA approval is eminent, I've add over the last 2 weeks and I'm ready for the run up.

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