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  • moto1960 Feb 15, 2014 1:55 PM Flag

    We may have to wait until mid-year.

    If you are waiting for FDA to respond in February as was the initial plan according to Mr. Katzaroff's statements last year, you will be frustrated thru February 28th. If you are waiting for positive FDA response by mid-year as stated in Mr. Katzaroff's later speech, you won't be looking at the stock price everyday waiting for FDA news daily.
    I will admit though, by mid summer, I too will become a little nervous. Keep in mind, not all FDA responses make the headlines. The FDA could have asked for more information during the period of January and we would never know. The date did get moved for one reason or another, we just don't know why. MDLAND~

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    • Please #$%$ for a few weeks and lets see how this unfolds. Get lost and take the other moron, stupid in seattle with you. You two dingleberries add nothing worthwhile.

    • I'm not understanding what is taking so long. Hasn't this been tested through multiple channels. Not many people have this technology, which could save lives. Why is the FDA so slow when it comes to things like this. This should be rubber stamped, rammed through, approved, and moving forward. It's amazing how slow and inept the government can be on things like this.

    • Moto, I have been figuring that is the case. Jim said that it could be a wait. Problem is that few do their DD so they did not know it and coming from you or me will not believe it but they still will not do their homework. I any event my position has me profitable and I just want to add to the position so when weekness sets in, and it will from those who only wanted a quick profit, I should get shares at a really good price.


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      • moto1960 Feb 16, 2014 10:02 AM Flag

        SS, my thought is that the FDA asked for more information or something more specific from AMIC. Again, any news release implying a delay could be perceived as negative, and could hurt the share price and shareholder confidence. As a result, a decision may have been made to communicate with the FDA without notifying the public. Remember, every single detail about the ongoing approval process doesn't make the headlines. MDLAND~

    • Do you have any clue how much useless turds you put out everyday?

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