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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Feb 24, 2014 5:46 PM Flag

    Antoher option out there

    With RadioGel having merit at the FDA and ADMD holding patents, intilectual property and liscensing rights one would think that with the right pricing the company would be bought. Do it before the company can get itself into any trouble with a patented RadioGel product. Heck you should get all the Brach study as well. A program paid for by grants and supported by Batelle. Talk about a lot of work already done for a BioTech that wanted to expand its pipeline. They are probably thinking they will go under or something but I am not concerned with that at all!

    Anyways, what a day. The stock held up nicely after the expected trader freak out that occured in the morning. There are not enough investors out there with ADMD on the radar to accommodate a full blown firedrill like that. Onward and upward (again) I guess. All those crybabies that showed up in the last few months complaining about the shareprice being to high had better bought some stock today. If not then they really are a waste of human flesh. They are the ones saying I told you so. They know little but say much.

    Looking forward to a conference call soon.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • ADMD doesn't hold any patents or intellectual property rights for any of the Y-90 products. PNNL does. They are paying on a yearly basis for licensing rights. They have to get this out or the lab may license the rights to someone else. Having said that someone pointed out that the radiological seeds are typical class II devices. Fro the close read it looks like the difference is that the container is not metal or glass but a polymer (FDA's classification explicitly lists each of the allowed container materials). If they can convince the FDA that the polymer container is not a big difference then it may be reclassified. In any event, if that is the extent of the PMA it might not be too costly (but will take time) We have to wait for an update. But I have to say I was more than a little relieved that these technologies are usually class II.

    • Excellent insight, hopefully Jim K and the others are at the very least discussing these options. Not worried about share price, today was a buying opportunity.

      Remember, Heather Rosecrans is our senior consultant.

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      • Med, every company owner leaves that option open. It is not discussed unless you are approached though.

        Also, I do a lot of DD and have done a lot on ADMD. I must appologize before I ask but please provide a typed link to the article or site that states Heather is in cahoots with ADMD. I am not finding it.

        Lastly, as I have posted in another link. Do not chase the ask. Also, it is only a buying opportunity if you are trying to expand your position and you think the shares will make whatever objective you have for the investment. What is your reasoning that it is a buying opportunity to make your objective. What is that objective?

        You did not see Moto, Longg or myself buying at the higher price of the last several months. Why do you think that is? Look my basis is .06 a share. Motto's is even lower and I would not be surprised if Longg is much higher. So the three posters here who have done the DD were not buying the .09. I did take some of the .055 as it was below my basis, and I might take some .046 as it is 20% lower. That is why I say do not get emotional because there has to be objectives and goals to investing or you will get killed.

        Now for the posters here who can only talk trash. They did not do their DD and they were buying over .06. Shame on them! There is no way they could have done their DD and fealt any comfort in their investment. They could not have known the FDA process. They were buying on a total guess, a spin at the roulette wheel, a lotto ticket. I can not figure out what they are doing spending so much time bashing the company and/or the investors on this board that did the DD, bought the .075-.035 months ago and then sat pat through the run up, and now are just fine with where the company is at today. The only person they need to be mad at is the one in the mirror when they brush their teeth in the morning. Themselves!


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