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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Feb 26, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    Like old times Moto!

    Hey man, this reminds me of the good ole days in 2013 when we were the few guys with the DD and were buying down ADMD to the .04s! Everyone was saying all these terrible things about the company and us being stupid and this and that. Then, as we expected the stock went up over .10 and we are making money.

    Now is like the same. Posters making short term negative statements about a situation at ADMD that they know nothing about. You and I buying the stock down, only slightly though at this time, and DD to be confident in the invetment.

    They are really mad at there this time. They got hoodwinked and were buying at .079 and higher and sure enough as soon as they came out about it here the stock coincidentally takes a step back. Buy high and sell low happens again. Anyways, you and I call it a dip I believe and with some more dip I will take a dip out of the share pool for ADMD.

    Stuff is right on course, we have FDA direction and proceed as planned.


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    • It is like old times, You are as Stupid as ever.ROTFLMAO.

    • Sorry stupid, You bought at 15 cents and just last week were bragging how you bought at 8 cents. You're a moron without a clue.

    • I haven't seen a lot of DD from you. You don't seem to know who owns the patents or other important details like that. Pointing out risks is smart. Also, if your buying this stock for a successful company buying at .11 or .03 doesn't really matter when the stock rises to a dollar or more. Bragging about that seems silly. What matters is a person buys in and stays in until they make significant profits.
      I'm not thrilled with the current situation, but am also not too worried. I don't believe the majority owner of ADMD is going to let this go under without a huge fight (i.e. tossing more of his money at this if necessary). I'm local to the area and have friends who have worked at the majority owner's other business. He is considered ruthless and business savy. I would not want to work for him, but he knows how to run a successful business. This is so close to profitability he will find a way to do what he needs to to get the FDA clearance (recall he moved most of his investment into a family trust...). BTW, I don't think the CEO has much to do with defining the path forward for the company. He first established the company as a sporting goods store or some crazy thing. I think the real decisions are made by the majority owner. I wish they would get new CEO with experience and credibility in their area. I think that would do a lot toward getting new investors.

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      • Lastly, I think only you, Moto and Longj are about the only folks not on ignore with Team Ignore. There might be some others here and there that just pop in and pop out but that is about it. It is pretty pethetic of the other posters when I open up this MB and there are like 10 posts on ignore at the bottom of my MB page but it is just that bad.

        So I hope that you have a successful investment life here on ADMD. I do like your DD, I read it and I contemplate it. Good stuff!

        So Thank You for it. I will say thank you as well, few here will.


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      • Kayak you have not been around here for long or posting much. In the period that I am referencing to Moto I actually did post a fair amount of DD. Frequently referencing very specific points in 10Q/8K and other filings. Back then things were pretty quiet around here but I fealt that more and more I was not interested in sharing the DD with more and more idiots that post here. Back then there was like 5-6 posters on Team Moron, or two people with multiple aliases now there are many who come here to do nothing but harass other posters on this MB. I am not sharing anymore.

        Although recently on several posts in the last few months I have posted very real concerns about this FDA filing. Those concerns in fact came to fruition and we are where we are. I have been investing in Biotech here in Seattle going back to the Immunex days. Many companies and many FDA filings so I was sharing that DD. Maybe it helped but based on the idiot posts here I expect that it was worth little to most.

        I am local as well in Seattle. I actually work in the Biotech and Nuke construction market. It was through this that I met Mr. Ratchford in 2001. He was an owner of Apollo Construction Inc. in Kennewick and I have worked with that company since that time. What is funny is that is also how I met Mr. Cadwell and Mr. Katzaroff. I helped build an underground concrete laboratory for PNNL, an Apollo project, it was 42' feet underground. Near the closure of the project I came to know Cadwell and Katzaroff. That is why I post that these are good people. I know them.

        Now I do not share any of what I know, or what I think of public information, much anymore for the reasons I mentioned above. The MB has turned into a real dump when it comes to posters is all. I have built a nice position that is free to me (built on profits) trading around and developing a core position. I will not sell that core for years to come and will continue to build it with profits as they occur.


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