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  • medplay01 medplay01 Mar 7, 2014 7:48 PM Flag

    ADMD Stronger Then EVER- FDA Approval COMING!

    lol, yup, it's coming, come on all you chix'n littles, cry some more and make us laugh at your ignorance.

    ADMD FDA Approval is coming, DEAL WITH IT ;))))))

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    • New watch, FDA approval coming sooner then later.

    • Hey Med, look Papasjunk must have posted. I have him on ignorebso he shows up greyed out. You know that guy has never had a good thing to say about ADMD but claims to have stock at .079. Now that to me is a mark of extreme stupidity. That is why he is a Team Ignore guy. He is limp and totally irrellevent when he posts.

      Too bad. Really too bad!


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      • 3 Replies to sensiseattle
      • Nice volume today, ADMD holding its support well.

        News watch, FDA approval is coming :)))

      • It's fun to wind her up, get her panties in a wad. lol

        We know what we hold, and I will continue to add on any dip before FDA Approval.

        ADMD has so much going on, I asleep very well at night.

        Enjoy the weekend, let's watch the girls have a temper tantrum while ADMD continues to progress

      • If on ignore, how come you always read my posts? LOL! Med knows why I am here. Don't mess with me or it's a relentless barrage of ADMD dumping. But who need to dump? This #$%$ has already dumped on itself. Or rather the FDA dumped on em. Either way, keep building your retirement at .05-.06/share cause that's all you'll ever see from this company. By year end, dip to .01-.02 and doors close before new year. Mark my words. You can quote this later if company is still around in a year. I won't remove post and I will bow out gracefully with a full apology if company is here in a year over current price. Other than that, I reserve the right to come back to this post as a reference to laugh at you hysterically when doors close on AMIC.

    • ADMD Weaker Than EVER - IRS Investigation COMING!
      LOL, Yup, it's the ADMD circus back in town and my two favorite clowns, Medplaywithhimself and Stupidinseattle, are back at it again. Thought you two hurled yourselves to the pavement after the recent ADMD news, or should I say lack thereof. LOL! So, where is the FDA approval we were all promised for the last 3 months??? Where is it Med?? Yttrium gel got your tongue Stupid?? I figured as much. You clowns must be related to the Cadwells. Gotta pump the trust, huh? Good luck with that. Don't see this thing going anywhere but down the porcelain bowl. I really saw you start pushing this FDA garbage hard back in January. It is now March. No FDA approval. Bet I will see you pushing the same garbage in March of next year but I truly don't believe the company will survive that long.

    • Med many do not wait. They leave their position at low prices and then stick around and complain and attack investors who can afford their position with ADMD, even at lower share price. I went back to old 10Q and looked at the share count and the market value of ADMD back then at $.25 a share. You know the stock was trading pretty hot and adjusted back down to where it has trended.

      Anyways, it is fun sitting on this stock confidently. If someone gets sick of it, market order sells, there are guys like me there to catch the perceived falling knife. I have fast reflexes for a company like ADMD.

      It is going to great watching this company grow up in the years to come, if they do not get bought out by a boring big boy.

      News in Tri-Cities over here from Seattle is Hanford got a grant to start design for a new modular reactor. A billion dollar project. Good stuff and people in that neighborhood and with ADMD.


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