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  • vetkim2000 vetkim2000 Mar 21, 2014 2:34 PM Flag

    anyone visited this company??

    Google it…
    I plan a drive by this weekend B/4 I invest a cent..

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    • Beware of the bashing morons, they rate posts in 3's, most likely pumpachump who has multiple ID's but a very low IQ.

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      • I have one ID and you are looking at it. The others here are just as skeptical of this garbage as I am. And rightly so! Idiots submitted product to FDA for approval without knowing or understanding their product was actually a class higher as defined by FDA??? Really??? That does not instill any confidence in people wanting to invest. are played.

    • Beware of the pumping morons on this board. They are losing a lot of money on this junk and want others to buy so they can dump. More likely you won't be able to go inside because most of the time its an empty building with nothing but an answering machine to take calls. Its a 4 or 5 cent stock for a good reason. Company hasn't even bothered to respond to shareholders after latest FDA response.

    • Great to see you over here too vet! This company...not exactly a winner. Kind of got slammed by FDA a month ago and no real response from company since. This has potential to go somewhere but many many years down the road IF they can pull something out of their backside. Problem they have is they approached FDA with improper classification application of their product. Doesn't instill much confidence in the company. However, they might have something. I wouldn't lend much credit to sensi or another pumper here called medplay. These two are complete clowns. That being said, if company can correct application to FDA or convince FDA their product is something other than what FDA classified it as, they may be able to go somewhere. BIG maybe here Vet. Safer more ISR next week when price drops again. Best of luck and we'll be seeing you over at ISR board real soon!

    • Yes, I have been there a few times through the course of doing construction in the Tri-Cities and Hanford. Go there and meet the people. Smart thing to do if you can before you invest.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If you want to see more than just press releases search on the companies name and the local news paper. (i.e. search on 'advanced medical isotope corporation tri-city herald'). That will pull up the local newspapers articles on the company over the years. If your worried about the company being 'real', surely a local newspaper doing stories on a local business for over 7 years should help. They aren't going to be open over the weekend, and because they operate a linear accelerator in a laboratory, and work with radioactive materials they aren't going to let anyone come in to look around. At best you will be able to look at a sign on a building.

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