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  • moto1960 Apr 4, 2014 9:25 PM Flag

    After all is said and done. . .

    we are still, for the most part, on track with what Jim said on the website a few months ago. Initially Jim said 'expected' acceptance by FDA would be in January or February of 2014. After the first filing with the FDA though, I think that he realized that there were some faults in the filing strategy as a class II device, and realized that late last year after submission. The problem was that the official response by the FDA on the first filing came out in February, much to the dismay of many investors and others who didn't read Jim's comments. I'm going to give ADMD and Jim the benefit of the doubt and give them a couple more months. After late summer though, if nothing positive happens or is on the horizon, I'll have to re-evaluate my position. Right now though, we're still on schedule. MDLAND~

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    • moto1960 Apr 4, 2014 10:34 PM Flag

      One of the major questions that remain, besides FDA clearance, is, where will the the funding for ADMD's near future come from? I'm sure Mr. Cadwell, at this point, is looking for a return on his investment, so that option is exhausted. And with the FDA road block, V.C.s and investors like Lincoln Park, Brean Murray and Vista Partners are reluctant to put any money on the table. We need something positive from the FDA to attract more investors. At this point I don't even know if an equity offering would work. An offering may just lower the pps and increase the outstanding share count. I expected some dilution, question is though, who's going to buy the shares? I'm still holding strong. MDLAND~

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      • Funding is the only way the company will survive. There is no revenue, this is clear form the recent Q4 filings. The only silver lining will be a path forward with the FDA and some level of funding that will sustain life for a year or two. I have been following Jim's presentation for a year now, and he has over again stated that he intends to raise funding at a higher market rate, this was when the price was near the 6 cents range. It is very hard to convince institutions or big private investors to put a lot of money on the table at a higher market rate. In all means, this news may look good for retailers like us, however it takes lot of credibility to convince big market retailers or institutions to pay so much at a higher cost than market. On top of all that, you have the FDA uncertainty and now the device reclassification. No doubt, the management took the wrong way, FDA application should have kicked in after European approval.

        On the bright side, Insider's average is nearly twice the market price, which is why it is unlikely that they will flood the gates with dilution. It seems that at the downside the price will hang between 3-4 cents until we get clarity in company's direction. For investors, at this price range, the downside is very limited, upside is enormous, but again there is the uncertainty of survival. I got back into ADMD in hopes of FDA approval, but that did not turn out right, I ended up getting stuck here... We will see how it unfolds.


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