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  • zippy_icon zippy_icon Apr 10, 2014 12:00 AM Flag

    Investment Strategy

    Just curious, what everyone is thinking as the basis of investing in ADMD right now ... Any near term catalyst? Are we expecting an update from the FDA in near future?

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    • Just another note and I am outa here. The last time we did this song and dance dog and poney show it worked out pretty well for us. Didn't wait for those two cent shares, ha ha, and you got to sell for a tidy profit at .10 cents. Pretty nice I would say.


    • Hey Zippy good to see you interested in ADMD stock and posting here again. I bought some shares yesterday @ .035 a share, posted as much. To a degree I am just looking at market cap. Last time when you came around Moto and I were buying lows in Sept-Oct '13 in this range. Prior to that I was buying .08 in the spring of '12. Then there were fewer shares trading and market cap was not so different each time. I am adding early with yesterday's share grab but there is more happening now so despite the 127 million shares floating around out there I wanted to add. After you had departed I had sold some shares at profit and so I only have 25% of my money at risk. As long as the stock held .0175 my money is not directly at risk. I have a core position that I build off of lows and that is for the long term and with very limited personal capital exposure. I have time to kill.

      I still do not want to get left out of a rise in share price that is news driven when I have money for the stock in my pocket. Market cap is not really the deal now in my opinion. They got comments back from the FDA. The next piece of logical news we should see would be the direction they will take with refiling RadioGel with the FDA. I think that whether they file class II or class III has its own merits to what the share price will do to the upside but either way there should be some upside because without that decided there is no way that any signifcant interest in the company will come. The big money obviously wants to know what the next step is before they have interest in joining the company in the journey of FDA approval. So there is one catalyst for some limited upside.

      Beyond that there are surprises like government grants but I won't invest on that. I was looking for a strong move down on volume and I got it the day after I asked for it. Total coincidence! I bought it. I have kept this core out of my pocket so I can afford to lose it and still sleep great at night.


    • Why do you think they are called Team Moron? It's one guy posting under several names and 99% of it is BS. I doubt he bought anything yesterday, Stupid just likes to make a fool out of himself. They/Stupid are losing a ton of money on this junk and are trying to convince themselves everything is fine. Stupid bought this at .15 cents and claims he has been buying all the way down. Thats his strategy, hope for the best and keep pumping out the garbage.

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