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  • snow.ball7 snow.ball7 Apr 17, 2014 5:10 PM Flag

    Very exceptional potential but don't buy now.

    Everything is still very promising. But the only way is financing or acquisition. They are probably waiting to hear from FDA about re-classification to Class II instead of Class III. Class II is faster approval, may or may not require human trial, Class III is intense costly human trial (they could partner for it or pay via shelf offering after a big reverse split). The tech is proven and human trials are already accomplished successfully forradioactive seeds but they need trial for THIS particular device which is the best ever to be introduced, still it must be done
    Either way they need money and if no new grants are forthcoming it's going to be via share toxic financing. Reverse Split is going to be needed whether that's before or after issuances is up to them. Probably is better to get it over with now and increase the O/S to 1-2 Billion, clear up most of the obligations (which will drive this to sub-penny), then R/S it by 1 for 200/300/500 .. Alternatively they could R/S now then do the issuances. I think it's better to get as much as possible done while still a penny stock so that the price decline is less visible. In other words it is better to see the stock fall from .03 to .003 (when very few people are paying attention) then R/S up to 5 or 10 dollars than to R/S up now and crush the stock after that (when people ARE watching). Look at the 10K it provides excellent detail on all their obligations and condition.
    There is more than just bio-gel yttrium90 here, the cyclotron must be repaired so they can manufacture more isotopes and there is also that possible acquisition of the German co. This is a critical company to the welfare of people suffering from cancer, and it WORKS, the potential is 1000 bagger - AFTER they clean up this share liability mess and take care of funding the #$%$ solid footing for another cpl years.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Why wouldn't you buy now? It's a binary event, either they get FDA approval and it roars upward, or they don't, and they are in deep dung. If you are going long on this in favor of the binary positive, the price won't get much better than this in the next 1-2 months before we presumably would hear something back. To me, it's add more now, hold what you have, or exit quickly and run for it.

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      • moto1960 May 1, 2014 1:47 AM Flag

        shekels_g, I'm with you on that opinion. It either all in for a nice run up, or waddle in poop. I nabbed 200K this week at just under $.04. If I lose my investment, then so be it. Don't get me wrong, I don't just throw away money, but at times, I am a high-risk investor with money I can afford to lose. CTSO has paid off good for me this year, so I'll be in the black for sure.
        Late last year Jim made some statements that may have been premature as far as timelines with respect to goals. Earlier this year, not long after the initial filing, Jim moved the timeline to the summer of 2014, and this was weeks before the FDA response. My personal choice is to give Jim the benefit of the doubt, and at 4 cent a share, I think it's worth the risk. As kayak mentioned, many microcap fail, much more fail than do succeed. If the outlook was brighter, we'd be paying $.25 or $.50 a share. Yes you could lose your investment, but this is also a chance to possibly get in on the ground floor of something really big. The choice is yours. MDLAND~ 950K

        Sentiment: Hold

    • The money is the same. The "visibility" as you put it is the same no matter when your scenario (one of probably thousands) takes place. You can't change history.

      Although it is good fiction. Post another scenario as you appear to be able to actually analyze and communicate, unlike many on this board.

      If you can come up with something that has not already been posted on the message board then even better. This is like a good message board summary of previous posts over the last say three years. I am sticking with ADMD and will add, as well as post when I do so. I have always posted additions when they occur so stick around. I know you won't be bidding against me at least. In fact there is a very good chance you will never have a position in this speculative stock play if you stick to your investment strategy here. Maybe CTIC is a better place for you to invest. They are losing a "little" more money but do have a revenue generator.

      Good luck


    • Congratulations! Your DD is amazing! I suggest you stay away from this stock, company and message board. Thanks.

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