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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Apr 20, 2014 7:52 PM Flag

    Top Dog at ADMD is still a believer!

    Carlton again has made an investment into ADMD. SEC Form 4 just out this weekend with his investment. Kayak brought us the news here first and it is much appreciated.

    Now this will certainly stir up Team Ignore. These idiots are the dumbest bashers by far. They can't even do due diligence through the SEC website to find this filing and news. I have Fidelity and with only $100 they could open an account. No fees or nothing AND they would get SEC filings. Maybe they could do better DD and not look so completely ignorant here all the time!

    Team Ignore will undoubtedly call this news of Carlton's investment in ADMD a lie. At least until their super slow Yahoo stock page updates that they use exclusively. They are constantly wrong about ADMD but somehow keep thinking they are right. Amazing when you consider they have no skin in ADMD and they can not even do the most basic of Due Dilligence. Oh well, they are here for our entertainment anyways and they do a great job. Total jokers.

    I do not think this investment by Carlton is going to move the share price needle for ADMD stock but it is still nice to see that the most important individual in this company continues to invest. I expect other insiders will have their own Form 4 filings soon as well. It is one of the reasons I picked up shares recently at .037 as I posted posted here immediately upon acquisition. I will buy before them when I can. The market cap is actually still high based on the number of shares trading. Previous lows were around .027 against the number of issued shares today of 127K but I am still giving the company, and share price, a little more share value based on pending FDA action.

    Have a great Easter.

    You will walk on water and they will say it is because you can not swim! That is Team Ignore saying you can not swim. Total idiots and absolute nonbelievers. See you idiots at .14 a share.



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    • You would think for as much as these bashers post here on this chat page they could get their stories straight! That is a lot of posting for not studying the company at all.

      They must just be really lazy or just do not know anything about how stocks and companies work. They look really ignorant, especially when they make a new alias in order to post the same redundant junk.


    • Wonderful! I am on Team Ignore's alerts! The only way they get any info on ADMD's business is through my and Kayaks, Zippy and Moto's posts. They do not know the first thing about how, or even where, to start Due Diligence. Even funnier is that comments always seem short and unbelievably familiar. Wonder why? Same poster maybe? I bet TI comments like crazy on this, and Kayaks, thread.

      After all we are on their alerts! Remember?

      ADMD will keep plugging away in a good way. That post on splits and stuff was some funny junk. Where did that first time poster from Team Ignore go anyways? He was a real nut. Maybe he was a comedian. Cracked me up big time!


    • Crawl back under your rock Stupid. LOL.

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