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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Apr 21, 2014 8:44 PM Flag

    Funny afternoon trade

    There were huge bids at .03 to .033 but they did not fill. Some retail kept hitting the Ask. The big buyer chased the Ask but never hit the Ask and did not get filled. That is weird to me but it also suggests to me that ADMD was not moving shares in the open market. They would have hit that 500k share bid. Now who in the heck was trying to buy that many shares? It was only what $15 thousand dollars but they wanted those shares. They were chasing the Ask from .027!


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    • Senis,

      In your honest opinion, with the reclassification, what is your probability estimate on ADMD getting the nod from the FDA next time around (2-4 months)? Just to reiterate, I'm long for the last few months.

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      • shekels,

        Class II, no one knows since the process of reclassification is not understood nor have timelines been shared with anyone but the company.

        Class III, I would guess 18-24 months from the start of a study. It would depend a lot on the size of enrollment and what the study endpoints are, plus the time it would take to get a partner and financials squared away to do the study.

        All a total guess and not much of a discussion to try to have here and now based on what anyone besides Jim K and the BOD know. Without any endpoint guidance from the FDA it is impossible to be any more accurate than a total guess. Sucks but true.


    • I think they will be releasing a PR soon. Considering today's trading pattern and Cadwell's recent investment on Thursday, I have a feeling that news will hit the PR by close of business tomorrow. In oder to comply with SEC regulation, any company will need to notify their shareholders for any material news within 3 business days. I think the 3rd day from Cadwell's investment will be tomorrow. I do not expect FDA approval this soon, but maybe we will hear some news that is shareholder friendly. Just my opinion.

    • moto1960 Apr 21, 2014 10:28 PM Flag

      SS, I saw that large trade go through too. Also it looks like a smaller 6 figure trade went through earlier in the session. Someone wants in. MDLAND~

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      • Yes, I agree to you both, there is something brewing. The management is silent, I think they may want some of their employees to load up before releasing a material news. This happens so many time in micro caps. The news may not be material of any kind, maybe change in management or some new board members joining the club or some progress towards FDA application, there has to be some news here.

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