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  • kayak_wench kayak_wench May 11, 2014 1:17 PM Flag

    Increase in shares was to be expected.

    I went back and read the companies 3 year business plan, and this increase in shares was to be expected. They described needing 5 to 10 million to roll out their brachytherapy products and noted that they would be increasing share count to fund the first 6 months of this process. So technically I can see how they don't 'have' to explain the increase share count now. But if they had put some sort of explanation in the SEC filing (which I have seen other companies do) it would put to rest the concern that the shares will not be used to kick off the brachytherapy business and and instead will be used to survive waiting on FDA approval (as the former would mean they wouldn't be issued until after approval when the stock's value has improved). From the business plan PR....
    "The Company anticipates funding the initial six months of its requirements for brachytherapy, sales agency activities and potentially the acquisition of a controlling interest in the German company through the sale of equity or equity-linked securities. In support of these efforts, the Company has reached an agreement in principle with the Company's largest creditors to convert most of their debt into equity concurrent with the Company's receipt of funds on pricing comparable to that obtained in any such financings."

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    • moto1960 May 14, 2014 9:50 PM Flag

      Kayak, you're right in that it was to be expected. On the one hand we could concur with the nay-sayers and say, yes, ADMD will dump 300mil. more shares into the A/S count and ADMD will be a penny a share. Another scenario is that the 'good news' is pending, Jim knows that, and once released will cause the share price to go to $.20. If that were the scenario, then ADMD could get more per share, selling back to the open market or through private placement. True, price has dropped, but there's no real difference between $.03 and $.06, we've been here before. I do have to admit though, dropping to $.02 and staying there with no buying would be pretty scary. But, as we saw earlier this week with that intraday low of the year, there was a bounce back. As you also alluded to, we don't know how many shares, and at what rate shares will be sold. Remember, inside ownership is relatively large for this microcap. And even though it was small, Cadwell has shown us, as of recent, that he has faith in this company.
      If you've done your DD, we knew this was coming. You can't get a controlling interest in a German company, continue your Brachytherapy endeavors, push for approval and keep top notch employees without funding.
      Personally, I don't know if we are going to get approval or not. One thing I do know though, is that someone is still buying, even after the announcement of, ''up to'' 300 mil. shares soon to hit the market (maybe all 300 mil., maybe 150 mil. Remember too, these are authorized, not outstanding shares). Again, this is a glass half full outlook, and anyone's guess is as good as mine. MDLAND~ HOLD

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      • Moto, good points.

        It looks like team ignore is tired of talking to themselves on their own threads. After all it looks to be a couple folks with many aliases!

        Now I see their greyed out aliases on our decent discussions on ADMD. They are fools as well as anyone who considers a reply to them. Not worth it. They aught just go back to their worthless threads with their worthless two sentence comments on the stock.

        I am thinking ADMD wants those shares prior to any positive news releases. We will see soon enough!


      • Did you figure that out all by yourself or did one of the other morons help you?

    • When is this expected to happen? If not till later, I hope that we get some FDA updates before then.

    • Wow. Nice spin. Company hasn't put out any news for 3 months except to announce they want to increase authorized shares to a half a billion! If they had or were about to get FDA approval they could raise plenty of investment capitol without all the dilution. Have they even resubmitted to FDA? Show me ANYTHING that this is close to or waiting on FDA approval. Hope and wishful thinking is and act of desperation. FOR ONCE YOU PUMPERS NEED TO SHOW PROOF OF SOMETHING OTHER THAN BS AND HYPE. 6 mo.'s after this goes out of "business" you idiots will still be here WISHING and HOPING something good is coming real soon.

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      • Good grief man, I do not NEED or HAVE to do anything. But point in fact, your stance of "they could raise plenty of capital without all the dilution" is flat out wrong, that they always intended to increase share count to support the first 6 months of business even when they thought they would get a quick and easy acceptance. Because they need capital to kick off the business. They currently have zero shares right now to offer to new investors (which is how companies raise money) they are all either out in the market or set aside as options). If FDA approves the value of the current shares will go up, but they can only keep their current investment and get more capital by issuing more shares. I think the amount requested seems awfully large, hence which concerns me. And while they told us before they would do it, I think most investors assumed they would start the process after getting acceptance.
        I also said that by not releasing a PR repeating the intended use of the shares to kick off the business after acceptance, it is leaving investors with the concern they are in trouble and are instead going to use the shares to try to survive until they get acceptance or go bankrupt. The only thing my post changes is the idea dilution was a surprise as it shoudn't be. What is a surprise, and very worrisome, is that they are dead silent. And I have found that the CEO crows too loud when things look remotely bright and disappears when they are not. Your question of whether they have submitted is stupid because I didn't say they did. I have no idea whether they have or not, but if I had to guess I would say they have not.

      • The trolls watch this board 24/7, we know we are on to something BIG, it's called ADMD RadioGel, watch for NEW$$$$$$$$$$

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