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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle May 23, 2014 9:56 AM Flag

    Not surprised in the least bit

    A 40% adjustment in share price upon notice of shareholder vote to increase the available share for ADMD is no surprise to me. In fact as I see nothing but posts from Them Ignore, which is probably without substance, validates to me that the shareholders feel the same way. Now to exceed a greater adjustment than that would be a real beating beyond necessary and is a buy signal in my book. Market cap along with what we know of patent, licensing, and physical assets along with intellectual assets all must be considered against the share price. That is how you justifying buying these shares I believe. Yeah, a lot of shares were sold yesterday but someone bought those shares too.

    Looking forward to the shareholder meeting first week of June. Sure we know what the results of the vote will be in regards to an increase in shares but let's talk about the business too while we are there. That is what counts!


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    • Shut up stupid. You are an ignorant moron.

    • In my experience with shareholder meetings they don't talk business at shareholder meetings because they legally can't reveal anymore to attendees then they do to everyone. Have you experienced differently? I think the recent big sells correlated with people banking on de novo this week. After reading alot more about that I basically learned that almost always means clinical data needed (animal or people) so it will be several more months.

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      • I have fortunately been expecting, and posting, that this would be the case for a long time so I was not surprised. As I had said I am going to wait until further news is available as well as provide time for them to work partnerships. Buy more shares too as it trolls the depths here. Lower my basis and trade around my core position.


      • Yeah, unless there is any other items to cover as their invite says. I have been to two local meetings. Both were actually great as I did meet other investors large and small. The exchange of info was great and I learned of a couple other companies that made me money. Also, it is nice to meet insiders if they make themselves available. There is much to pick up and learn if you have a social aptitude. A Team Ignore person would never be there but if they were they would totally fail the social part necessary to start a good dialog and exchange of info.

        I am planning on being there unless work gets in the way. I will listen for moron, stupid, idiot or other words like that cause just maybe I can shake out a Team Ignore member. I could probably smell one of those stinkers in the room I bet.


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