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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jun 12, 2014 7:51 PM Flag

    Insider addition.

    Per Form 4 just filed Jim K added 100k @ .20 a share yesterday I believe. Always a good thing to see.


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    • moto1960 Jun 13, 2014 11:50 AM Flag

      SS, we're taking a hit today. Sometimes you expect this on a Friday, especially after the vote for more authorized shares , but we're at .016 as of this post. Hopefully we're getting to the final shake. What's really strange is that most of the shares traded today, look like they are buys. I actually bought 10K at the opening bell. Let me check another chart. MDLAND~

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      • On my Fidelity trading platform it looks a lot more like they were sells. The large volume was bloody red. Someone definitely is throwing in the towel. They chose to take the loss, couldn't take the pressure, to hot in the kitchen. I haven't taken a loss yet and happy about that. I do not mind watching the stock, I'll wait for meaningful news that fulfills previously posted need for me to add. Good luck to you. You up to 500k on the share counter yet?

        I have a bunch of Team Ignore blocked posts. They are getting excited again by the look of the prevelance of blocked posts. I like to add for a trade when they get giddy you know. We will see.


      • Could a buyer be there and MM is gladly filling with all these new share available for distribution? You tell me Motto. Good volume at least....


    • To add a bit here. JK has 2,765,834 shares and he had twice as much before half of his position was distributed to his X-Wife! Now to all the whiners and Team Ignore who really has more to lose? You or him? He just added more shares and I expect he is very motivated to get ADMD and their technology to success. Now if that is not enough then look at Caldwell. Hmm, wonder if what he has invested is a motivation to him?

      So armed with just this tidbit of knowledge consider how stupid many look here with their short one line slam on the employees and directors of this company. These guys have huge positions at far higher averages than today's share price. They couldn't even get close to today's share price by adding 10 million shares to their positions. That is how I can feel fine adding two cent shares to my stock position.

      I will see a profit long before they will. That I am certain of. Anyways, it makes me smile every time I see these guys buy more shares.


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