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  • radiogel radiogel Jun 13, 2014 6:03 PM Flag

    Radiogel FDA Prospects Due Diligence June 6th meeting

    I am a new poster and I will be posting a detailed message for those that want to do their own due diligence. I am a non-insider and was at the June 6th meeting at ADMD headquarters. My knowledge is that this technology/science for "radiogel" is the real deal and a "game changer". Please look at the research reports, AMIC powerpoint presentation from their website, and seeking alpha articles written over the last two years. I will have links to them in my weekend post. The risk to reward on this stock is mind boggling on the upside. In my opinion, this product will get FDA approval, and if the company can keep afloat financially until then, this is a potential 10x+ investment. Many people are arguably concerned that the authorized shares are now 500 million. Those are authorized but not issued and the "insiders" own shares at way higher prices so they aren't going to be raising money at these lower levels. Take a look at Cadwell's investments and at what prices. This would dilute him the most. Do your own due diligence, those that actually do the diligence will see the potential and I will assist those that want to analyze. Radiogel is amazing science and to be able to participate at these levels is well worth the risk.

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    • Welcome to the site. A few of us here have watched, as well as studied, ADMD as it has moved through execution of their business plan. I look forward to tossing around ideas with you. What you post are truths and only execution of the plan stands in the way. Let's see your take on ideas. It is great to have one more person to discuss SEC filings as well as news both good and bad.


    • Thanks for the post radiogel. So in your personal opinion, 3-6 months with a 95% chance approval rate? I'm long, but I know this is a very very risky investment. But like some of the other longs, it's money we can afford to lose if things go South. I agree the tech is game changing, but it's management execution that counts here.

    • My last two posts have somehow been deleted (maybe because put in websites to click on). At the June 6th meeting Katzaroff said they will be meeting with the FDA this month in DC area. They will issue a press release after. I believe this has a 95% chance of being approved but timeframe is 3-6 months because of Y-90 not being approved yet for brachytherapy. Sirtex and Therasphere have approval for Y-90 liver cancer seeds but only Cesium-131, Iodine-125, and Palladium-103 have been approved for brachytherapy. Go to Isoray's site and ADMD's site (ppt presentation) and you will see the comparison of the different isotopes. Also Isoray just got approved Cesitrex, Liquid Cesium. ADMD has the Michael Jordan of isotopes and look at the Sirtex and Therasphere sites to see the potential. Look at PNNL and Darrell Fishers animal studies and using this for animals. The FDA will take their time but this technology is real and a "game changer". Look at the two most recent research reports and seekingalpha from 2-3 years ago. This technology is it!!! Do your own due diligence.

    • Pumpers on this board have been saying the same tired message since this was at .15 cents and have been buying all the way down to 1 cent with the same old BS. Management of this company is #$%$ poor. The CEO has a history of failures and zero success's . He has NO experience what so ever in Drug/ Medical business. Its a one cent stock for a good reason.

    • moto1960 Jun 14, 2014 2:12 AM Flag

      Poster known as radiogel, welcome to the show. You reiterate some good points. Some points even in your recent post, that over the months we've forgotten about. As you eluded to, one question is, can they raise enough money to stay afloat long enough to get this product to market? If they can somehow get this approved by the all powerful and influential FDA, at $.02, the return on this would be epic. Let's be realistic though, there's a reason we're at 2 cts. a share, the odds, ADMD's history and ADMD's finances, all say we should be around $.02. You, SS, Kayak, I, and a few others, are willing to bet against those odds, for a possible chance of being on the ground floor of something big. At $.02, the risk is just too hard to pass up. The way I see it, you can't lose 5 cents a share on a stock that's $.02. MDLAND~

    • Appreciate the effort, looking forward to your next post.

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