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  • screamdoctor screamdoctor Jun 18, 2014 10:15 AM Flag

    ISORAY's Cesium-131 has 98% 5 year efficacy for moderate and worse prostate cancer

    How are you guys going to beat that? You can't and don't feel bad. Nobody else can either. And the radiation period is 6x shorter with Cesium-131 than with the current standard of Iodine-125. How are you going to beat that? Isoray will be the new standard.

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    • Why in the world are you here? We have two completely different companies, ISR & ADMD with vastly different product. Both products will serve the medical community but in different ways based on the identified need. You seem to be presenting your information like this is a game. The products differ from each other like basketball differs from football. What the heck is the point you are trying to make and why did you decide to just pop onto this board to post today?


    • screamdoctor. This is good for the whole industry if ADMD and Isoray are successful. Isoray has a fantastic product but Y-90 Radiogel will be the new standard. The radiation period is way shorter but what about Power! Your comments are so ridiculous. Just to prove a point, Is there a difference between a feather and a bomb? I know that is ridiculous but keep promoting Isoray and have your CEO promote it because the science is terrific but your CEO and sales force are extremely poor in marketing! Radiogel, scientifically is the new standard. Stay on Isoray's board and get sales because it does save lives and its not a competition now, both companies are scientifically terrific but Radiogel is the bomb!

    • You sound pathetic, who are you trying to convince?

      Your post reeks of desperation.

      ADMD looking good in early trading, once we hear from FDA, well have a much clearer idea of RadioGels potential as a life saver.

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      • Looks like you anti-ISR boys, lost out BIG today. And I mean REALLY BIG! If I were you, I would find somebody to kick yourself in the butt, real hard. Over and over again. Now do about a hundred face palms until you leave a welt. Then, ram your head into the wall until you draw blood. When you are finished with that, go outside and slam your hand in the car door. No, not the one that you wipe with. You can't say that you didn't know the truth, you just decided to close your minds to it.

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