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  • radiogel radiogel Jun 22, 2014 10:18 AM Flag

    Brachytherapy Comparison

    This is for potential new investors and is not in any way to detract from Isoray and Cs-131. Like I said before this is good for the industry but I want to point out the technical advantages of Y-90 compared to other Brachytherapy isotopes. Also, ADMD's Y-90 seeds leave no casing behind. So, the comparisons are Isotope, Half life (days), Avg. Therapeutic Energy, Total Dose, Delivery Form. Please compare and you can see why I am so excited about the potential in Radiogel and the potential for enormous stock appreciation from its current levels. Y-90, 2.7d, 2.3Mev, 80-200 Gy, Biodegradable Polymer, Cs-131, 9.7d, 30.4Kev, 115 Gy, metal seeds. Pd-103, 17d, 20.8Kev, 125Gy, metal seeds. I-125, 60d, 28.5Kev, 145Gy, metal seeds. The comparison of 2.3 MeV power to 30.4KeV, that is significant and with Y-90's shorter half-life, higher therapeutic index. For the naysayers please go to the sirtex and therasphere websites to see the success with liver cancer using Y-90. It is not if, it is just when with the FDA for this product. With the money coming from Battelle and their support by supporting the technology and company, this is an opportunity that you may look at for potential huge gains. Do your own due diligence. Radiogel will save lives.

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    • Hands down ADMD is a far superior product and investment, adding more daily.

    • Looks good and yet it's a 2 cent otc stock with little volume and no news from the company in 4 months. I look at this from time to time waiting for some FACTS to come out and I'm still waiting. Were are they with FDA submissions and approvals? How will they finance the production and marketing of this IF and when it ever gets approval? Right now I see millions in debt and little to nothing in revenue. NOBODY but you pumping idiots is going to buy this without answers and results. Save the hype, show me some news.

    • Just adding a little more for education of potential new investors, from the seeking alpha article, "Radiogel consists of isotope Y-90 microspheres in a water-based polymer. The polymer is injected directly into the tumor using a needle, and once injected the polymer quickly begins to warm to body temperature. The temperature change transforms the gel into a lattice-like structure, trapping the Y-90 in the targeted tumor. High-energy beta particles irradiate the cancer cells within the targeted mass, allowing little systemic irradiation from the trapped Y-90. Radiogel would allow medical personnel to deliver higher doses of radiation exactly where needed, especially in tumors that cannot be surgically removed. Radiogel is versatile. It can be injected through the skin or during a surgical procedure when a cancer tumor cannot be surgically removed." Also, ADMD's proposed Y-90 products can be produced at 75% cost savings compared to metal and glass brachytherapy seeds. (this is per ADMD"s powerpoint online dated 2/12/2014).

      This is my opinion now. This stock is at 3 cents a share, their science is incredible, they have backing and $ from Battelle/PNNL, they will have a FDA approved product, they have majority insider ownership (stock basis on majority in the 20-30 cent level). The reward is 10-100X, the risk is that it takes longer to get FDA approval, Katzaroff hinders the process, or they run out of $ but Cadwell will not let it get to that point. Those that can take these risks will be rewarded. Do your own due diligence.

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      • Great information for the new investor looking for what RadioGel is all about as well as add to any DD on SEC filings. DD is so important at this time. So many posters here, ie. Team Ignore, missed that step and is now blaming ADMD for what happened to the stock. Often times there is a disconnect between stocks and the underlying company. It can bite the one who does not do DD. ADMD could be a company with a disconnect to its share price. I believe it is but I also know that usually these sorts of thing correct themselves over time. DD & Patience.


      • moto1960 Jun 22, 2014 12:19 PM Flag

        Great posts 'radiogel'. A little technical for most, but points well taken. I completely concur with your thoughts of, it's not a question of if, but when. I think the term and thought of radiation have negative connotations for most, including the FDA. Especially with what has happened recently in Russia and Japan. A simple analogy is like the use of electrical current. If handled improperly and used excessively, one could be severely injured or it could even be fatal. But when properly regulated and used in the right environment, electricity is seen as one of our greatest discoveries. I think all of us, including the FDA want to make sure that Y-90 is truly safe and effective, before put in to practice.
        What's noticeably different over the last few days is that the negative nellies (aka Team Ignore), haven't been filling up this thread with 'greyed-out' posts. Hopefully I haven't spoken too soon, they seem to have us optimistic folks on alert. I'll be picking up 42.5K at the opening bell tomorrow. No risk, no reward! MDLAND~

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