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  • sailorjaffy sailorjaffy Jun 28, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    Told to expect news next week.

    Looks like FDA approval is still being sought but it has a long way before any decision is made. Probably next year sometime.

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    • This board is ridiculous. We won't know how long or what is going on with the FDA until an announcement is made by the company one way or another. We haven't had an update. I hope it goes down to 1 cent or below! I will buy 5 million shares or $50k more. I believe that much in the technology and Battelle/PNNL input into this. The money they received from PNNL should go towards the FDA process if necessary, this should be plenty no matter how long we wait for an answer from Katzaroff,and Cadwell will not let it go to 0, look at his cost basis. The strength in the company is with this technology and the people (scientists), both at PNNL and the scientists at AMIC. It will get approved. This is a medical game changer. The stock is at 2 cents because of management and the input given in February.
      There is no way the company is selling stock into this to raise money, it doesn't make sense, they need or want the price to go up so they can raise money at a higher amount. They have the authorized shares to issue but I believe they would have to release a SEC document to do this.
      Now the negatives, yes I have been frustrated that an answering machine answers all calls for years (not professional). At the June 6th meeting no one showed up at the office referenced, other than two other investors until 5 minutes before. Katzaroff said they have other offices around the street not directly next to Cadwell and that the LINAC was mainly housed at this location and their offices were elsewhere. As I said, the strength is in the product, and I believe even with the weaknesses, bumbling of management, it is well worth the risk to reward because this science is the game changer. If this investment isn't for you stay away, I believe so strongly in the science and Cadwell and Spivak that it will happen. Its at 2 cents because of the uncertainty and bumbling. It's an opportunity for those that can take the risk and I believe FDA approval is sooner than later. RADIOGEL

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      • Its only a bargain if they get rid of the bumbling management soon. John Sculley almost destroyed Apple. I hope they quietly shopping for a new CEO, but they might not be able to get a qualified person interested until after FDA approval, so in my opinion investment remains a bit of a gamble. I can't see any sign on their website that Battelle has experience in running technical companies. I would imagine the motivation and techniques used in not-for-profit research institute is different than a company that creates and markets products.

      • moto1960 Jul 5, 2014 1:26 PM Flag

        radiogel, I agree with you in that it doesn't make sense to sell stock to raise money, because of it's obvious affect on the share price. But if your back is against the wall and you need to raise money, what do you do, Call Cadwell? You can only go to the (Cad)-Well so many times. A little play on words there. I can remember when the outstanding share count was 96mil, then 108mil, then 121mil, now 130mil. And though these aren't perfectly accurate and up to date, the general understanding is that these shares are coming from AMIC. Other than the 8K authorizing 300M shares about a month ago, I don't recall any SEC filings pertaining to increasing outstanding shares and selling into the market. Where do you think the extra outstanding shares are originating from and where are they going? Could it be Brookline or the Battelle filing that is now included in the outstanding share count? MDLAND~

    • How did AMIC ever get selected to bring this through FDA approval and then through marketing and sold worldwide? If you had a promising new drug/medical device developed by top scientists and organizations would you pick Katzaturd and a completely broke company who has never produced anything of any value to represent you? Come on pumpers, you think of all the companies in the U.S. this is your top pick. LOL. It never could pass the smell test. Now you say wait for another year. ROTFLMAO.

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      • moto1960 Jul 4, 2014 2:14 PM Flag

        JRicco474, for reasons unknown to you and I, Battelle chose AMIC. That reason is probably because the staff and consultants at AMIC are not only the best in the country, but internationally renowned as well. Yes, AMIC has to pay a licensing fee to Battelle to use it's technology, but for Battelle to turn around and become a 10% owner says that they believe in what they have and that it has future medical applications. Now one thing we do question is, even though the guys up in Washington State are nuclear experts, their business approach and application has us raising our proverbial eyebrows. You now have to ask yourself though, is it worth your 2 cents and is it worth your wait? MDLAND~

    • News next week. Delayed for the Holiday. Expect FDA decision by Summer 2015. Much testing required before possible approval.

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      • If that is the news, the stock will drop with the news. It means they are admitting that they had no clue the requirements involved in bringing radio gel to market. Because they were so very very wrong in what it would take, and how long it would take to get FDA approval it will mean investors should question their ability to design and implement a business plan that will result in their being able to profit from it. The only way they can come out of this not looking foolish and unprepared is if they can blame a brand new FDA requirement that blind-sided them. It also means the analyst who indicated an 80% chance of approval by this summer is incompetent and therefore nothing else in their report should be believed.
        They should of never been so confident in when they would get approval. I have owned other bio-tech stocks and none have ever talked about an FDA acceptance as being a slam dunk or put a date on probably time. They are all evasive and said they aren't sure because you never know what the FDA will ask.
        Amazingly after all of this said, I will probably still be called a pumper because I will end with I still intend to hold this until it succeeds or dies. Hopefully they learned their lesson (and will pay the price of low share value until acceptance) and will pull in experts to help them going forward.

      • News Tues. or Weds.

    • you do realize what you posted is called inside information......if news breaks you could be investigated and prosecuted along with whoever told you to expect news.....

    • First radiogel announces PR coming next week and now you. If news does come out SEC needs to look into this company . Pumpers don't care for anything but hype but your news has a ring of truth to it.

    • Whether news comes or not, I'll be adding more share in anticipation of FDA approval coming in near future.

      Thanks for the tip, ADMD is an easy 30 Bagger from here.

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      • moto1960 Jun 30, 2014 12:21 PM Flag

        itrader250, I'm with you on that one. At $.02, the risk to reward ratio is hard to over look. I'm actually uploading my account as we speak. I don't anticipate a 30 bagger, but a 5 bagger would be nice at this point. If there is approval, I don't think that $.10 to $.15 is an unrealistic expectation. MDLAND~

    • Don't know if your post is true or not but you sure got the pumping morons #$%$ in their pants. Lets see if news comes out next week. Morons hate to get anything close to reality on this board but it is a one cent stock for a reason. I think you may have some insider info. Problem is how did you get it? Everything with this POS company smells bad.

    • Hmm, new ID. First post here. Completely unfounded information and a dubiously titled post. IGNORE! Team Ignore will love you. Of course you are probably already on the team and this is just another brand new alias.

      Enjoy chatting with them because no one who has done their homework on ADMD at this YMB is going to chat you up.



      Sentiment: Buy

    • First post from a pumping moron that has any chance of being true. Its a 1 cent stock for a reason morons.

    • New ID and 1st post ever and this is the rumor you wish to spread ????

      Ok, I'll go with it. Maybe we get news next week, maybe FDA is further down the road, maybe this all means that this is a great buying opportunity ??

      Doesn't change what Y-90 is or represents, and that's why I'm adding more ADMD until we get FDA approval. You see, once approval comes, and it will, pps will break out to new highs. See ISR, we are next!

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