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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jun 30, 2014 11:18 PM Flag

    Moto & Kayak on ADMD selling shares open market

    Guys, I am not thinking ADMD is actually doing this. Talk about a dangerous game if so. I am thinking though if ADMD is providing shares on debt or shares have come available that could be sold after an expired holding period those could be shares we are seeing come into the market by holders of those shares. If ADMD is actively dumping shares into the market then all tutes would be very scared off to invest with the company. That in addition to discouraging new institutional investors could also run off what significant interests are holding ADMD positions, like Brookline for instanceinstance, or others who hold a significant interest. We know what debts are out there, that can be considered and measured by all, bit if the actual company is directly working against you from a standpoint of dilution then forget about it. Diluting for a large pay off is good for all when it supports a bigger physical move forward for the company. Nickle and dimeing day to day would be very destructive to greater trust. So my two cents are ADMD is not directly selling shares day to day.


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    • moto1960 Jul 1, 2014 7:05 PM Flag

      Looks like I was able to grab my last 50K on the dip this morning at $.02. I think this it for me. At this point I'm risking just about the max I feel comfortable with. Sit back and watch the accumulation. MDLAND~

    • moto1960 Jul 1, 2014 12:31 AM Flag

      SS, I don't mean to imply that ADMD is "directly" dumping into the pool, but obviously that's where all the shares originate. I think though that there are round-about ways to exchange shares for cash. I don't want to misquote Kayak either, but I did read his post on the other board which I may have misinterpreted. At this point, I'm looking to pick up my last 50K. I know, I know, I always say, " this is my last purchase", but the recent filings have spurred me to shift more dry powder into my account. MDLAND~

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      • I think they were selling for a few days, but stopped (hence volume plummeted and price went up today). My guess ADMD needs x dollars to address a short term need. I think Battelle would of been informed and agreed to buy most of the shares at 0.495 cents to over their needs. Otherwise they wouldn't of bought in at the price they did, or bought in at all for that matter. If you look into the company they make money off intellectual rights, not stock. It's like the government bailing out the auto companies by buying stock, not at all normal, but hopefully ADMD will have its own turn around.

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