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  • buzierbee41 buzierbee41 Jul 21, 2014 10:43 PM Flag

    My 'thesis" was demonstrated today

    Management stands by and watchs a WHOPPING total of 8 thousand dollars in trades knock down the market, instead of CADWELL and others buying options/warrants in form of LOANS...BUY THE STINKING SHARES ON THE OPEN MARKET.....are these PEOPLE CLOWNS?????....the MARKET MAKERS are getting filthy rich on MY BACK and YOUR BACK....we are a bunch of BAGHOLDERS at this point!!!.....KATZAROFF MUST GO!!!!!..he doesnt have the skills necessary to run a start up!!.....20 or 40 thousand dollars in share purchases on the open market would KNOCK the MARKET MAKERS on their #$%$!!.....

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    • I believe Moto just did that and the stock now sinks. What are you talking about anyways? Sustained investment interest of the amount you describe above daily for a month, MIGHT, make a difference for a while. You see, as I have been pointing out through watching the daily lows, there has to be more sustained interest or confidence from shareholders. The way that happens is through the company communicating publicly and privately as well as DOING SOMETHING regularly that forwards their products and services. Right now we can safely say that as far as we know nothing at all is going on at ADMD. In my opinion an update to shareholders, maybe through their website, should happen weekly as long as it does not limit their options nor break the law. Now maybe that is why there is no news, anything said would border false statements or something. I am not talking about fluffy notifications here. I am talking about what happened last week. It could be bulletpoint for all I care.

      Right now I am looking for shares clear down at .019 which is a rounded price for support in my opinion.


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