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  • itrader250 itrader250 Jul 23, 2014 4:21 PM Flag

    Looks like Accumulation, could there be News/Updates/FDA/Battelle/RadioGel coming??

    I'm glad I've been adding, ADMD and RadioGel are why Battelle bought 11% interest, Battelle doesn't earn $6 Billion yearly for no reason.

    Think about it????????

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    • Pure accumulation, that's what I'm seeing.

    • Also, good accumulation takes place in a tighter range most of the time in my opinion. This is even the case on a microcap like ADMD. It will take more than 4 trading sessions to diagnose an accumulation pattern in ADMD. We have seen lower lows which indicates to me that there is not stability developed and thus no pattern at all to work with. Now if it trades sideways between .019 and .027 several times for a couple months, then sure I would say there is an accumulation pattern, albeit very wide in price.

      This is probably to technical for you as it sounds like you are still trying to figure out the non-profit company Batelle.


    • You are a pumper and that sucks. Your points are not validated at all in your post. How did it look like accumulation to you.

      When I look at today's trades there was some strange action. Two significant positions were taken out or added to today. The three trades at the end of session look like someone chasing the stock on nearly 300K shares. Do not chase a stock that traded as low as .0196 today. Unless, you have recieved information that has been leaked which would be more or less illegal. It just is not worth chasing.

      If this was accumulation though the stock probably would not move from .0272 to .0196 in 5 trading sessions. It is pretty week accumulation if you ask me. I see churn and likely short term trade action. Not long term strong volume accumulation.



    • where do you get 6 billion? Hoovers lists Battelle Memorial (which is the component of Battelle that invested in ADMD) as having revenue of $4,795.967 and income of $-7.305.

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      • I think I found the link where you get 6.2 billion, but thats before cost of operations. For 2009 their revenue was 4.878 billion, and their cost of operation was 4.816 billion. For a grande total of revenue over cost of operation of 62 million. But that is before their 'non operating costs' roll those in and for 2009 their total net income was 31 million. This is from the reference on their wiki page (the one provided as part of the 6.2 billion number). Almost all of their income goes right out the door to pay for the research the customers give them the money for. From the auditors report it looks like they take most their profit out of overhead of that income, with few million from royalty, license, and patent income (30 million in 2009). They are not rolling in cash by any means. None the less Battelle has much deeper pockets then ADMD, but you are misleading (maybe intentionally) investors with the constant parroting of the 6 billion number.

      • Itrader never worries about the facts. His job id to pump out bs and hype all day long.

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