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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jul 24, 2014 9:16 PM Flag

    Team Ignore news!

    I know it has been a long time since anyone was bad enough at posting relevant information here at here at YMB ADMD but as certainly as the sun will rise in the East some new posters have hit the board and made the team.

    Itrade and Buzierbee have made the Team Ignore. Buz is posting unfounded/threatening posts of legal action to take on ADMD and even gone so far as posting threats to posters who might be construed as posting positives to ADMD. Bye Bye Buzz.

    Itrade is too annoying at the pumper level. He is totally cluttering up my YMB with the same BS in my opinion. I think his stuff is BS even if it is positive on the surface. Bye bye Itrade.

    Have fun with the rest of the idiots on Team Ignore, you all are great for each other. Great.


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    • moto1960 Jul 24, 2014 11:48 PM Flag

      I don't know buzierbee, a R/S would really hit the insiders hard, . . .Battelle too. Remember, the ones that would normally vote for a R/S are the ones that hold a considerable amount of shares. While anything is possible, I just don't see that right now. MDLAND~

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      • It is always the idiots, message board jestors, which call reverse split. They do not ever figure it out that a reverse split is equal in all ways to investors and share count. It is neither positive nor negative. It is just an action a company can make to reduce shares issued and float. I have seen many companies employ it to simply get NASDAQ compliance or listing. I also have seen plenty of companies rise significantly post split too.

        The rookies are posting to rookies who do not understand the RS!

        I would be perfectly fine with an RS. Especially if it was for listing purposes and to get more exposure to a larger investor group.

        It is funny to see folks sell into and out of an RS stock. Then see the stock triple shortly thereafter. I have seen a lot of retail monies lost under that scenario.


      • Moto, I will let this go with this last post.

        I bet the successful business men and scientists on the BOD want to be associated with a "pump and dump" or scam. Yeah, they are breaking the law to fleece investors.

        Give me a break. The people posting anything like that are obviously idiots. Look they lost their money forever because the sold. It is gone because they did not stick with it. The other far fetched and stupid idea is that they are trying to bring down the share price to accumulate. Total BS. If you had a few hundred thousand to invest in this company then there would be SEC forms getting filled out, you would not buy with that kind of money on the open market. Not with ADMD anyways, in my opinion.

        They are just ticked off posters. Buy high and sell low Team Ignore.


      • Moto also go back to "How Long Is Too Long.". I said the lows were important to validate the move higher, after the move higher. With that in mind if the stock price was not strong the traders would sell off and we would get, what I hopedhoped, another low .019. The stock is doing what it has done. Now did the company do this through dilution? My opinion is no, the stock is doing what it has done for some time. If it had bounced or flattened on the 50 DMA or risen off of it then my ears would have perked up and I would probably be sending you a high five on this MB.

        So now, does the 11+ million shares at .02 in the last 60/90 days have staying power? I do not know but there were a lot of shares bought down there today that the " traders" who got trapped sold.

        Just my opinion.


      • Is that what the idiots are posting now? It is always the newbie to the chat page with much to say who loses all credibility first. Look they may R/S if they just plan on diluting this thing out and no RadioGel to come. Just take the money, but would it come anywhere near covering what they have already put into the company....NO! Or they might R/S it if they knew that a big development was going to break, like almost the next day, because it would reduce the share count and the stock would Rip even higher on fewer shares available.

        It is all speculation, very huge speculation, and I do not really invest on that. There is enough speculation already to not need to throw that garbage idea around. I am in ADMD to grow an investment with the company, the insiders, who have already demonstrated to anyone who does DD their financial commitment to these ideas and products.

        Team Ignore has already demonstrated so many times before the inability to finish and validate an idea.


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