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  • itrader250 itrader250 Jul 25, 2014 3:16 PM Flag

    Zero dilution, 100% ACCUMULATION

    ADMD doesn't need to sell shares, they are well funded (see Battelle acquisition of 11%), just some shorts cryin wolf.

    Load up, before you'll be chasing it.

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    • Are you #$%$?

    • You need to find some help. You have a serious mental problem.

    • moto1960 Jul 25, 2014 10:35 PM Flag

      I'm pretty sure ADMD is diluting into to the float. I'm not an insider but the main reason for authorizing share is to eventually exchange them for cash. Albeit, 2ct. per share as of right now. The popular outstanding share count as of the last filing is about 130 million. As of this post you can best believe it's more than that. Battelle owns 11%, insiders own 10%, and even I own a couple %. That's about 33mil shares held, and we're still at $.02. That is some real fuzzy math indeed. Especially if there are nearly 200 shareholders as alluded to by AMIC.
      A couple things here. 1) The outstanding share price as of this post is probably a few million shares higher than 130m. 2) perhaps 1 or 2 investors have possibly agreed to purchase on the open market, who haven't reached filing status yet. Of course this is speculation on my part, and I can speculate just like anyone else on this board can. What the heck? It's the weekend and there is no activity for a couple days, why not get things started with a thought provoking post. Feedback? MDLAND~

    • I'm BUYIN g today, thanks for the cheap shares ADMD weak hands.

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