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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Aug 1, 2014 8:48 PM Flag

    All in all

    It was not a bad week at all. Was the stock under fire? In my opinion yes. Yet from where we left off last week and where we leave off this week the stock is but a couple hundredths off. There was great volume too and some buyers did get a good deal but 2.78 million shares traded right between that .0175 and .018. Finish the week at .019, I say pretty good under the circumstances.

    Now someone was selling, we do not know who of course. For all we know it could have been Katz' wife who holds a clutch of shares near 6 million. Maybe it was someone else. There are plenty out there with several million shares and we should not expect everyone to hold their stock forever. It is all about the time you want your money to work in ADMD. Everyone's timeline is different. For instance mine is still quite a bit longer. I carry a very low cost average and I must say I have taken profits from time to time to keep that real average low low low. None the less I always hold some for the long haul, usually profits from trades stay in my core.

    So what are we waiting for now. I think we are just waiting for an update on what the FDA is looking for in the way of a trial. Is it a trial or tirals? I am sure we will find out. So think about all the shares traded this week and how the stock held up. Yeah, I would say there are new buyers as well as accumulaters out there! The big support is still .018-.019 and it holds up another week. The shart shows it right there now over several months. Every time I buy or any of you other Longs they love to hate buys it makes it that much stronger.

    Good week and good weekend to all of you. With the buying interest we have, where would we be without the seller out there in regards to share price? Well sellers come and go and we are at support so hopefully they have gone for a while with the closure of this week and we can get back above .02 come closing next week.


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    • your ignorance is staggering....and your numbers are so far off....i have posted the real numbers on the week SELLS out numbered BUYS 10 to 1 have the worst reputation on the board.....everyone hammers you because you speak as a my posts and learn junior.....i really am here to help people like you

    • BTW, I too have set all but maybe 3 people to ignore, there is no point in trying to communicate with anyone who is strongly for or against a stock, and I have no reason to desire to read such strongly biased posts. I should of done this months ago!

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      • What really cracks me up is when page on of ADMD YMB is all greyed out posts in only an 8 hour period and I have to go to page two to find someone relevant who posted. There is definitely some kind of propaganda miss information war going on with this stock!

      • Yeah, it has gotten pretty nutty to say the least. I have noticed the smaller the share price (almost any stock) the more whack jobs you get. I guess because they can "afford" the stock or something. They do not realize that 1% on $100 stock is the same 1% on a penny or something.

        I give a couple weeks to a poster. You know a post can read differently to different people. Now when someone is overly emotional and threatening then I have had enough. I do not enjoy misery nor miserable company and/or dialog. I won't even try. It was like when Buzz the Bug started talking dilution and NITE on the bid and ask. I could have said so what, they handle both my buys and sells. Sometimes I will have a buy and sell in at the same time on ADMD for instance. They will show up on the tape, on level two. Kind of obvious why. I just do not feel like educating loggerheads about the error in their ways. I do enoughbwith my random musings on the share price, volumes and trends.

        Hey, Kayak you do not post much but I always enjoy your analysis and take on the situation. I am not even thinking about how they will raise funds for EMA because they are set on the FDA first. I do not agree with that firm stance but that is how they are going to go so it is what it is. They might be diluting and the insider position does not matter in my opinion. Insiders are heavily invested and the only way out for them is to push through with RadioGel or try to sell stock to try and pay themselves back. We will not know what the reasons are until FDA information is available or buyers dry up and it all folds up. I am looking forward to updates in that earnings report to come out.

        With the way posters are acting here, and if they use that as a berometer on their shareholders in general, then I can't really blame them for a perceived lack of communication. Most posters here say it is a scam or want to sue! Not me! Go ADMD!


    • I think we are also waiting for how ADMD intends to "secure funding" to pursue regulator approval overseas. That was there number goal goal under "pursue FDA approval". I wouldn't be surprised it securing funding meant diluting, and I'm o.k. with that. Foreign regulations are far less complicated and costly to work through. Getting an income stream would be a good thing. I agree that the stock price held up well given all the selling.

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