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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Aug 7, 2014 10:48 PM Flag


    Admd has no approval pending....they were denied approval and told to refile under a new classification....they never refiled....they have no cash on hand.......they have 40 millions shares in warrants/convertibles/options with a massive dilution value.....they sold 14 thousand dollars worth of isotopes last year, meanwhile they pay the ceo and cfo more than 550k dollars in salaries....and bonus........they do not own any buildings and have no tangible assets to speak of......they had a meeting with the fda about a month ago and after the meeting started selling off massive amounts of stock, which would lead a prudent investor to believe the meeting didnt go so well....batelle did not buy any shares of admd, they acquired 17 million shares for services already rendered to stated earlier, admd cannot make payments on any debt because they are broke.....nobody ever answers the phone at must leave a message.....most of the people on this board have lost tons of money here...there are 3 trolls pumping, i will let you figure out who they are...

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    • Not sure where you get this 550K number? From SEC reports I don't see numbers near that high, but if you are figuring in stock options then possibly. But if you say the company is worthless then the stock options are can't have it both ways.

      The peopel at AMIC have the patents on radiogel so it is not like Battelle could just say....hey we are going to have someone else do this. Get real. Besides, Battelle is a private non-profit so this is the normal operating procedure for them to have subsidiaries and branch-offs make nice profits and Battelle shares in them.

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    • Radiogel is worthless junk nobody wants. If it had value do you really think battelle would have used AMIC to bring it to market? Its a loser.

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