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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Aug 8, 2014 9:27 AM Flag

    Anderson800....PUMPER ALERT!

    Read the annual report on the salaries...i am not going to read it again nor post it for you...lazy pumper!!....and batelle has no patent to give away..because it is pnnl that had the original technology....which begs the question, why did the stop leasing the technology and just give it away if it was so wonderful????....lazy people will not be treated with respect on this board....

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    • Do you know who operates PNNL for the DOE? Battelle. Some people who work at PNNL are Battelle employees and some are DOE and some are subcontractors. I came on this message board looking to see if anyone knew more technical information, but it has become very clear that here is only a place for pumpers and bashers. No technical information at all from what I can see. Some blindly bash......and for what possible reason. You bashers must also have a reason to bash. It cannot be for pure public information purposes. I have had (IHO) some of the more informative posts. I do work in the industry, but now if I am labeled a pumper then there is no reason for me to return here. I only hold a small position that I am trying to grow. I have worked at Battelle in the past and still know people who work there so I know it reputation well. I met some of the people on the Advisory Board as well. I doubt you know or have met any of these people, but are probably one of the people who just calls this company a scam. I have said before that they may never get FDA approval. Does that sound like a pumper? I do like the sound of their technology of radiogel and compared to some of the treatments that I personnaly have been involved with when I worked at a major hospital near Battelle, I believe this sounds like a very good alternative. But as I said, it may never get approval, but in the chance that it does get approval some day I want to have a piece of it. If FDA approval does come some day this stock will take off. period. end of story.

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