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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Aug 8, 2014 10:37 PM Flag

    Now what?

    The big seller/sellers ran out of shares to dump? This volume sucked today! I guess that if you want ADMD stock you had better buy what is left down here and then pay up if you want more. Actually, I bet it would just sit here on 30k of volume until some kind of verifiable news came out from AMIC or someone got tired of holding. All those shares recently bought could provide good support as long as some big holder doesn't throw in the towel again. Is there a baby lying in a pool of water out back or what?!?

    I got mine.


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    • The best case scenario I can see is that ADMD needed x dollars to continue to pursue FDA approval or to start the working through foreign regulatory hoops. So to get that money they diluted the minimum number of shares possible. On the other hand they may have sold shares to pay Jim K's monthly salary. I don't expect any news for many months. Anything they do with the FDA from here will take 3 months to get formal input and they have already established that they are not going to tell shareholders about their interactions with the FDA (i.e. no PR about that since Feb, but they have obviously been meeting and talking with them, perhaps even submitting responses to questions etc). The next CC can't be much uglier than the last in terms of debt, but hopefully it reports at least at a high level that they are still communicating and have a possible path forward with the FDA.

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      • Kayak wouldn't meetings with the FDA be a material issue with regards to the share price? I would think that since they have already opened pandoras box with regards to releasing information about the 510k, and the response from the FDA, that they would have to release news of meetings with the FDA, the status of the RadioGel product, as well as direction provided by the FDA on what actions AMIC should take with regards to forwarding RadioGel to commercialization. I am not saying release news everytime there is a communication with the FDA but news in summary of the work completed should be released.

        It is their money invested in this company too. They should want all the news they can provide released to the investment community as long as it was nuetral to positive.

        I was thinking something even stranger. What if the dilution was being bought by trusts/firms in the names other than insiders? With this volume they will dilute themselves out of a majority ownership position I would think unless they were also acquirers of these shares. There has been huge buying recently of these shares being sold. The price quite eaily could have fallen further than it has. We have seen it before where the share price dropped dramatically on less volume and at a haigher share price. It has always taken less shares than we saw last week to dramatically move the stock. It held up well considering the volume.

        Anyways, I/we have no clue what is going on and in a month we might. They will report as that ligitimizes the company's existance and intent to press on. If they do not report then I am changing my sentiment on this whole show.


      • Not a chance closing shop, you are a foool to say that, that's a given. Battelle will take this to the top, watch for FDA approval, RadioGel is the Future of Brackytherapy.

      • Sure It Can....And Will...I Say They Will Close Up Shop...JMO...

    • Just for fun, and due to the low volume yesterday, if the company was selling shares on the open market would they stop if there was a material change due to information that they had and were preparing to release say in the next few weeks to the public? I do not think there would be anything wrong with that. Typically we see share volume rise prior to news on this particular stock. Yet volume is ridiculously high already so the past history does work under this scenario. It seems particularly odd to go from Millions of shares to 500k in volume and into a weekend at that.


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      • moto1960 Aug 9, 2014 11:00 PM Flag

        SS, my thought is, from an AMIC standpoint, get all you can per share that you can get right now. And right now, with no news, they can get about one cent per share. If it weren't for those two big sells yesterday for about a total of 450K shares, volume would have been well below average for the day. When AMIC thinks their stock is worth $.10 per share or more, they'll stop issuing shares to change the supply and demand ratio, which could move the stock price up to $.10 or $.15 per share. Of course that would take some positive news, and at this point we don't even know if they've filed. After all, from a company standpoint, why get one cent per share when you can get $.10 per share? The above viewpoint is being very optimistic and would be a best case scenario.
        This next filing with the SEC will probably make or break AMIC. We'll soon know the number of shares outstanding along with the new debt and cash (if any), figures. Let's see how trading goes this next week. PPS can't go too much lower than 1 cent per share. JMHO MDLAND~

    • Darn it, Yahoo tricked me. Darn Team Ignore blew it and replied. Greyed out Team Ignore new inductee Runrun (from a good investment) posted. He got picked up by Team Ignore for showing up here not even a month ago and posting exactly like Big Bad Buzz, the message board BUG. Anyways he lasted about one post before I hit the ignore button. Probably a good idea for anyone here to do and hit the ignore button on RunRun. I speculate he is just another alias for someone else already posting here. What a flake.


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    • Got mine as well, and I can ride this out until RadioGel gets approved, and it will :))

    • Again showing why you EARNED the NAMe....STUPID IN SEATTLE....500k shares diluted into the thin air today, all time low achieved today and according to your posts you bought this pig all the way down from .15 cents.....and you still post on here??.....Stupid is as STUPID does in SEATTLE!

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