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  • shekels_galore shekels_galore Aug 12, 2014 12:13 PM Flag

    Due Diligence Checklist

    This will be an ongoing thread regarding attempts to contact ADMD.

    8/11/2014: Called ADMD and got a voicemail. Sent an e-mail to Heather Rosencrans regarding any updates she can provide and if she does in fact work with ADMD.

    8/12/2014: Called ADMD, got same voicemail. Stayed on the line, redirected to another voicemail. Left message for office manager regarding any updates regarding FDA progress and relevant company updates.

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    • One thing I would like to ask them is if they have considered a partnership with a company like Shine Medical Technologies. Shine is going after the Mo-99 market, which ADMD was also doing at one point. Together they would have several product lines and Shine could use a west coast connection. Shine is currently a privately held company so it would probably have to be done by Shine aquiring ADMD and doing a reverse merger.

    • Any reply from Heather? I would be surprised if she could provide much info on RadioGel as she probably has strict limitations on her contract. Just to have her respond with a simple YES to working for AMIC would be big in my opinion.


    • keep it up, this is a life saving product that will change lives for the better.

    • 8/12/2014: I got a voicemail from Mr. Katzaroff himself asking to call back and discuss.

    • I didn't really want to come back on the board because I still believe strongly in the technology and I feel personally that at this price it is an unbelievable bargain. This is just me, knowing all about the technology. It is the real deal and it will be approved eventially. I have also been very frustrated that no one answers the phone but yesterday at 1:33 pm JK actually answered the 509-736-4000 number and all he said he could tell me is that the financials will be out on time. I am just as frustrated as everyone else but I still believe this is a 25 cent to 75 cent stock within 9 months and I don't believe it will go to 0 (if it does, I will put a team together to get the technology and sell to Sirtex) because of Cadwell and knowing everything about the technology and the scientists who worked on it at PNNL before AMIC licensed it. I totally understand the negativity but it pains me and I have accumulated so many shares at this level but as I have said before you will not find a better risk to reward anywhere. Do your own due diligence and hope the financials come out and explain something going on. I have no idea if I am a 5% owner, 10% owner but I believe strongly in Radiogel and hope we will hear something soon besides a voice mail. I believe in Radiogel. I have to wait and be patient.

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      • Hey, financials out on time. That does not sound like a company that is hiding anything from investors. Pleased to hear that it is important to the team. I agree with you, in my opinion one of these mornings this year I will wake to ADMD with a positive news release and a share price up 50% before the first share sells for the day. I bet they have figured out by now that it takes one step at a time to work with the FDA and a mistep is brutal. Take their time in this process so that no time is wasted. Do it right this time.


    • hahaha....a little frustrating eh??.....for a company on the cutting edge of technology cannot even afford to pay a college kid to answer the phones!!......

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