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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Aug 15, 2014 8:50 PM Flag

    Not bad, not bad at all.

    You are thinking what the heck is Sensiseattle talking about! The stock finished @ .012 or so not counting that joke trade to close the day! So hold on a minute, it was not bad.

    We have a confirmed dilution event, no news and a 10q that was about as boring as they come. Well, I still say not bad. A poster here had an enlightening conversation with Da Man Jim K. and he shared it with us. There has been a small change in language regarding a European approval coming before a US approval and evidence that AMIC has been in communication with the FDA. Thank goodness.

    All that has a lot of importance but what I thought mattered more than any of that is we are in a dilution event. This week we saw incredibly large buying of shares from .01 to .012. That is really important. Someone is extremely motivated to acquire very significant interest in AMIC. An interest that in just a week amounted to several million shares. That is spectacular. What do they know that we do not, or do they know no more than us but carry a view of that information far more positively than us longs? When we have seen unexplainable volume before it has been followed by strong, although short lived, upside in the share price. Is this time different? It is because the amount of money inflows, not the volume of shares, appears to be far greater. It is the money coming in that is raising eyebrows. What sort of action will we see when an actual news event is shared by AMIC which is positive? I will leave that to your imagination but I will tell you the thought brings a big grin to my face.

    This stock had very good reasons to fall right through .01 a share and yet it was held up with a very strong bid in the face of it all. So it was a good week. Enjoy the weekend on it and GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!


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    • I think many investors agree with you.


    • We have multiple investors loading, RadioGel is the real deal and will see FDA approval.

    • They don't call you stupid in seattle for nothing.

    • Hey, another solid day! Stock should have closed at .012 Friday but, well, you know what happened. Anyways, today we actually had some follow on buying that was higher. Then the money came in and we were right back where expected; .01-.012. I swear when that buy is put on the stock noses right to it. I am not surprised a bit either. It is deffinately limited on a daily basis in my opinion. Yet, there seems to be a cpuple million shares a day to be bought there almost daily. Days without it and we are looking at retail volume buys and a fraction of the volume. In my opinion it is one buyer. So what I take from this is that is where the big money will take shares. Do not fight that fight of outsmarting the buyer. Buy the range for goodness sakes! Will they take shares all the way through news? Who's to say but someone feels perfectly comfortable building their investment right there. .01+/- , 500 million shares, $5 million market cap. Talk about a sick steal when RadioGel is approved. Someone is absolutely loading up the truck! The good news is it will not remain a secret forever. They will own more shares than Carlton Caldwell himself soon at this rate.

      Who will have voting rights that control then?

      We should know in just about 3 months. Just maybe sooner.

      With this kind of accumulation who could complain. Yes, there are more shares in circulation, and that is dilutive, unless you have a similar conviction about AMIC as this buyer. You buy more shares down here. You put on more risk with this million share a day buyer. Being a true long here I am going to take the positive position on all of this and be pleased that there is this massive buying interest.


    • There is good reason to take on shares of AMIC if you can tolerate the risk. Read page 23-25 of the recently filed 10q. This provides a laymens outline of RadioGel and y-90. That is good information but does not give the whole story.

      Do a search on RadioGel and look back several years of news. The device has been developed locally at PNNL by Batelle. You have to do your homework. You will see that RadioGel went through extensive research at the University of Washington Medical Institute, a top notch organization. It was there that the device was found to be very effective in animal studies. It already has been found to work, so now it is up to the FDA to determine what is required of AMIC to demonstrate its efficiencies in humans. That is what we are looking for in the near future. AMIC has recieved many grants, state level, federal level and private organizations like Batelle. They have also been recognized by Seattle Business Magazine, the DOE and the State of Washington.

      If you read anyone saying that the RadioGel is a joke and that is why Batelle liscensed it to AMIC then you can go ahead and put the poster on ignore because they have not done their homework, or they are hoping to push the PPS down or the company to fail. A pretty sick stance to take on anything that could help humanity.

      Also, do not leave out Y-90 due dilligence either. It is a very special isotope and extensively researched. So in short do that homework. Someone has and now they are spending $100K+ acquiring AMIC shares just this last week or so on the open market.

      Do your homework.


    • Agreed, and very excited for the Future of Braxkytherapy, RadioGel.

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