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  • last quarter they reported .065 cents per share and rounded up to .07. If sales grow sequentially at 4%, as they have been doing, and R & D and SG&A stay the same as Q1 (they will probably go up some) they will report .074 cents per share. If you round that, it is .07 cents. They could very well report a flat quarter which would not do the stock any good. If they earn 1 cent more each quarter --they get to .32 cents for the year, not .35, and .48 next year. the stock is 24 times the 3/06 estimate and 36 the 3/05 estimate. I think it just got way ahead of itself at 20 and is coming back to earth. Isn't a fair price 30 times the current run rate of .30/shr or $9?

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    • The word if is the biggest two letter word in the English language.

    • I guess word is getting out--maybe a flat quarter??

    • plus they have to overcome the dilution from conversion of all the preferred stock. the share count is up 16%. They are also fully taxed now and they cannot show increases in eps as the tax rate is 35% vs 0 last year. That is a big hurdle. so they talk about pre tax earnings--come on--after tax is all that counts. nice company but best to wait to buy until march '05 or so.

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      • They've got 19million of tax losses to set off against future earnings.

        Stupidly, this was recognised in the accounts last year and of course everybody ignores these adjustment as accounting bullshit.

        Real people ignore the notional tax charge in the accounts. Clint confirmed last CC, that the company is on-line for eps of $0.41. Personally, I think they will beat that at $0.45 to $0.50.

        Calculate your EPS on that and you get some sense of the stupidity of the price. In looking at EPS of course, we should be looking by now at next year which should be close to a $1.00, because of the improved margins on rotors.

        WE spent 3 years of ABAX being undervalued, then almost a year overvalued, now we are back to being undervalued.

        It's not how much its worth, it's how much you can manipulate. Talk to my friend Hymie.

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