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  • huntermike962 huntermike962 Oct 31, 2012 12:24 PM Flag

    What's really going on...

    I've been following this message board for a while and its funny to see how people try and validate buying/selling of this stock. But that's OK, do what you feel is best for your wallet and hopefully it swings your way. But the real thing to look for in the coming weeks and months is that all this talk of energy drinks being bad, related deaths and hospitalizations, etc is really up to what the consumer thinks. You know, the people that actually buy the stuff to make the projections look good. Just by the way many of you talk about the stock one can see that none of you drink the product. You guys look at what the stock is doing, take wild guesses and then subscribe to the news and info that you feel will best help your position.

    I would be more concerned at what the numbers will look like from a consumption perspective. And if you think this will all blow over you might want to also keep an eye out for international markets. The concern over energy drinks (real, perceived or fantasy) may affect international growth. Keep in mind that other governments are less tolerable that the good ole US of A. Regulation has already started to be drafted in other countries, USA is probably not going to do anything, maybe labeling guidelines will change but that's probably the worst. The lawsuit, however, should be closely watched. Good, bad or indifferent this will be on every parents mind and the may be more restrictive of their kids being near energy drink products.

    Now I'm sure the haters will start replying to this post and call me funny names, so let the beatings begin and lets have an energetic debate.

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    • Buy buy buy no different than drinking too much coffee sue the coffee makers too the problem should be with the FDA Monster followed the rules its funny how other countries will ban this and not card youngsters for cigarettes compare the two and see what has taken more lives

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      • Actually there is a huge disparity between drinking energy drinks and coffee.

        Even with facts pointing to cigarettes causing cancer and people haven't slowed down one bit in smoking. The argument between coffee and energy drinks is different, it's a matter of semantics. When you say caffeine, you draw in coffee. But the real concern here for the FDA and CDC here is the energy blend, of which has been proven multiple times to be an unknown case of disclosure and transparency.

        Energy drink companies have not disclosed the levels of their proprietary energy blend and the impact this blend has on the traditional caffeine content. Caffeine on its own is probably 99% safe, however, add in the mixture of the energy blend and the impacts and velocity of caffeine content changes.

        So energy drinks vs coffee is a total non-argument. Coffee makers are not adding an "energy blend" into the coffee you buy at Starbucks.

        As an investor I'm sure you're looking at all the financial data and as a consumer wouldn't you want to know everything about what you're drinking?

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