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  • zandar000426 zandar000426 Jun 16, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    Down on Monday:

    MNST and energy drink products will eventually be regulated by Congress just like cigarettes, liquor, and gambling currently are: Must be over 18 and/or 21. Problem for these companies will be a large portion of their profits are derived from teenagers.

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    • You will have to do the same for coffee, idiot... ask yourself if coffee will be regulated to 18yr +, you will have your answer.. never hold up in court one vs the other.. caffine is caffine.. just think of having to show your license at starbux and dunkin doughnuts or simply buying a can of foldgers...

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      • You are living in the world MNST wants you to live in...Denial...Guarana is not listed as a source of caffeine nor is is the quantity of caffeine from guarana added to the total mg in a 16 oz beverage.This company adds caffeiene to their beverages manually and then adds guarana...Do a little research on guarana...This plant has 300% more caffeine than the coffee bean in an equivalent sample....KIds are "slamming" these drinks...Not sipping them like a cup of coffee....The intake speed is the problem along with the added caffeine from guarana.....But its your cash...Keep buying....

      • You are the idiot. It is not just about the quantity of caffeine. I don't see many teenagers running into a Starbucks or DK to buy cup after cup of coffee. It is about the advertising, ease, cost, and quantity of the product teenagers consume. If the Mayor of NYC can tell you what size soda you can drink, it is not out of the realm of possibility they could regulate these drinks as the # consumed by teens may be proven to cause harm.

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