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  • thecondoguy1 thecondoguy1 Oct 7, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    Monster Muscle..............

    Finally got my hands on Monster Muscle this weekend, coffee and chocolate they were both very good and held me over for a few hours with some energy and a full feeling. I liked it a lot but still like Monster Blue and Java too.
    It looks like all of the sky is falling death threats going intergalactic lawsuits are going bye the bye. You should have seen Rodney testifying at the senate hearings, he and the lady from Red Bull ate them alive. I don't think they will have them back.
    A decent report in November may keep the boneheads under their beds scared stiff of the Monster.
    God bless all..............

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    • thecondoguy1, I picked up some shares fairly low here in this range. Sales channels at 10% are great but there are also some great field reports from foreigners and people that live outside the country in Monster visibility. 165th on the NASDAQ most shorted with around $60 million coming in per quarter on the balance sheet? -bison

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Muscle Monster sales are picking up, it may be a small category, but Monster will own it in another year from now. They are already number two. Sales should be good in the third quarter. Someone sad that Sept. was good. It was for us as well, but August was even better. I hope we are indicative of sales in other regions of the country. We recently had two add four plus shelves to nearly 20 stores and sales have nearly doubled in the stores since we did that. Each shelf holds nearly 4 cases and these stores give us seven shelves, plus warm space. A year ago we would not even had 28 cases of product in these stores. So despite some of the naysayers on this board, Monster is still going along pretty strong.

        Hopefully international will provide an additional boost. The Monster logo and sports related items are also in high demand. This is Claw logo sets this company apart from the other energy drink companies. Let's all hope for a big 3rd quarter.

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